The Last Spell – Ultimate Guide

After Beating Apocalypse Mode: My Ultimate Guide with Tips

First off, the game is designed to make you LOSE the first few times. Do not get upset and just enjoy the gradual progression. Of course you can speed up progression by using Easy Mode and there is some temptation for that. It gets unlocks faster. I recommend not actually beating the game on Easy Mode though as the mode after that is a “hell” mode called Apocalypse mode. You can certainly redo easy, but you can’t make Apocalypse mode easier. Some of the permanent Oraculum unlocks come from this difficulty setting only.

Speaking of unlocks, this makes all the difference in the world. You will reach certain milestone walls in the game that will make progression hard until you get some of the unlocks opened up. I wish I remembered the order of unlocks to do, but here are the ones to prioritize as soon as they show up on the list to “buy” from the purple god Schaden.

  • 1) Ballistae
  • 2) Catapults
  • 3) More starting Action Points (levels 1, 2, and 3)
  • 4) Watchtower
  • 5) Experience Gain
  • 6) Better Hero Traits
  • 7) Mana (levels 1 and 2)
  • 8) Better <specific> hero types (aka Better melee have more starting move, better range have more skill distance, and better mages have more mana regen)
  • 9) Wealthy Haven (levels 1 and 2 for more starting gold and material)

Additional Mages are a N00B trap. Last thing to get. If your circle is being beaten upon an extra mage isn’t going to save the run. Let it die and move on to the next run. Later you’ll want to spend on better production perks to make gear higher rarity as well as making hero’s start with much better starting gear. Those are both key. The various gear type unlocks are certainly decent, but only get those if one of the major ones aren’t up to get. These are the ones I’ve seen up to now at least. Schaden has far more unlocks than that of her counterpart the golden god Freude.

Speaking of unlocks for Freude, the only unlock you need to have is Gold Mines. Which you get on a normal play through the first time playing anyhow. It takes acquiring 1000 gold in game which should be done after beating Night 3 the first time through. Again the major unlocks for her come fairly fast normally playing the game. These include the Inn, Stone Walls, More Hero Traits, House, Inn, Slower Mist, and a ton of others. Freude unlocks for what you require aren’t hard and most of them will be done with the first play through or two. Her other unlocks get harder, but aren’t terribly so. I’ve unlocked most of her stuff already in comparison to Schaden.


As far as game play goes here is my thought process. You are stuck with your initial 3 heroes. You might get lucky or you might not. You can always re-roll by abandoning the game and attempt to get better starting heroes, but I advise against that until you at least get the “Better Starting Hero Traits” unlocked from Schaden. Hero generation is basically completely random and you do not have to keep them in the “role” they were given to you. All heroes start with the same base stats with only traits and starting gear changing anything. The traits are fairly negligible in making an impact upon the character. As far as trait go, all characters have one “profession” and two “genetic” traits. Below are the better profession traits to look for. These are what I got for first usually.

In general for any role:

  • 1) Hero – +1 AP is always nice, the extra stats are ok
  • 2) Noble – +1 extra trinket slot is awesome
  • 3) Scholar – XP rate is hard to beat and the extra mana and mana regen are decent
  • 4) Surgeon – 15% crit chance is CRAZY!
  • 5) Jeweler – +1 trinket but has some negatives. Prefer straight up noble here instead but this one still good.

Those are my top occupation traits that tend to make me auto grab a new hero. Others are more tailored to specific roles and are still decent. They typically add to a specific set of attributes such as physical damage or magical damage.

The genetics traits aren’t usually as strong, but there are some exceptions.

  • 1) Aristocrat – again +1 trinket. If you have profession trait giving a trinket then this is a waste.
  • 2) Energetic – +1 AP
  • 3) Genius, Brilliant, Smart – bonus EXP is always nice unless you are getting the character on day 11 before the last night. Then it sucks.

As for traits, the +1 bag traits are N00B traps again. Having more than 2 bag slots is not needed. Most of time having 1 for a mana potion is all you need. Gold is better spent elsewhere generally than on consumables for the bag slots as gold is hard to come by in this game and is finite for the most part.


After deciding upon the traits everything is going to be attribute specific when it comes to powering up heroes. Speaking of which negatives from traits are always “bad” but some more bad than other based on the attribute being negatively affected. So now I’ll rank the attributes. This his how I pick my stat level ups and traits for characters as well as gearing them out.

  • 1) AP – action points are king in this game or basically any game with them. From fallout to here, the more actions you can use in a round the more you can do.
  • 2) Crit Chance and Crit Power – crit is the only general scaling damage ability. ALL classes can use crit. Crit stops at 100%, but crit power doesn’t stop as far as I can see so far. I’ve reached about 500% on a character and that damage was ludicrous.
  • 3) Skill Range – the farther you can attack the better regardless of the attack. It also means you have to move less which negates the need for more move speed.
  • 4) Increased Experience – This is interesting one. I’ve had a character reach 400% experience and reach level 14 in a 6 man group by night 12. AFTER it was over so it didn’t matter. Getting this early is nice, but when you recruit characters later this is more important for them so they can catch up in levels.
  • 5) Class specific damage – be it physical, magic, or range. All melee weapons are physical damage based no matter the attack. All bows/guns are range damage based. All magic items are magic based damage. This maxes out at 100% though.
  • 6) “Damage” – the raw “Damage” attribute affects all sources of damage and caps at 100%
  • 7) Reliability – increases the minimum damage. 100% reliability means always hitting at max damage no range. I rate this lower on the attributes to get because increasing the other damage types first increases both min AND max damage the same time. Also there are a couple of big perks which give a bunch of reliability so spending points here isn’t as needed.
  • Those are the universal attributes every class can make use of and maxing out will scale that character further. The next set of attributes are more niche, but still generally useful to some degree for everyone.
  • 8) Mana – This stat is far more useful early unless going pure mage with the Mana to Magic Damage conversion perk. Typically though this doesn’t need to be boosted and gear in the game will more than cover what a character needs. I only pick this stat for mages and only if it a rare level up pick over the normal level up attributes I can choose from.
  • 9) Mana Regen – like above, it is easily covered by gear. It feels more needed in the early nights, but once you build your first mana well, the need for this stat on all heroes makes it mostly wasted. Higher level heroes with high enough crit and the gain mana on crit perk basically makes this attribute worthless late game.
  • 10) Accuracy – This stat is useable by all and worthless to some setups. Accuracy isn’t needed unless the target has dodge chance in the first place. Your champ can always attack something without dodge or use an attack that ignores the dodge of the enemy being attacked. It still useful because the “basic” attack ability of most weapons doesn’t ignore dodge by default. Still there are perks that can help with this. Also gear can cover this for this most part and does so later in the game. Either way, with around 20-30% accuracy you’ll barely miss even on high dodge zombies I’ve noticed unless using an “inaccurate” attack against them like power shot from the short bow. The solution is to use a different attack or pick a different target.
  • 11) Isolated – you do extra damage to enemies that aren’t next to other enemies. While nice, it isn’t all that needed. This game is literally about having your hero’s do big AOE explosions to big grouped packs of zombies. The isolation attribute in that scenario is worthless. About the only time this is useful is sniping “runners” or on the boss. Still, it isn’t completely wasted because there are runners. Just not something I would prioritize.
  • 12) Move speed – move speed is more useful early in the game and on melee characters. Range characters don’t need to move much to get into position considering the zombies are coming towards you most of the time. Also, in the late game the warp crystal makes move speed pointless.
  • 13) Resistance Reduction – only matters if the enemy you are targeting has resistance. Some do but most zombies don’t. They also don’t have much in the first place. Again there are weapon skills that ignore resistance like heavy crossbows.

That is it for the niche but still universally useable attributes. Everything after that is definitely “niche” per the class you are playing. For example more poison damage isn’t useful at all unless the weapon you are using applies poison damage. That being said, poison damage is AMAZING if you are using a poison weapon. Here is the list of those attributes

  • 1) Poison damage – good for poison weapons like dagger, hand crossbow, orb, and druid staff.
  • 2) Stun chance – good for stun weapons like hammer, scepter, power staff, and and long bow
  • 3) Multi hit – good for multi hit weapons like dagger, hand crossbow, wand, and spear
  • 4) Propagation bounces and damage- good for “chaining” weapons like hand crossbow, tome, druid staff, and scepter
  • 5) Momentum – ehhh momentum attacks really aren’t good and boosting this stat is meh even for those attacks.

Generally speaking no increased stat is technically bad, but increasing poison without a poison weapon is a waste. Speaking of which health, healing received, and armor are the general attributes I wouldn’t bother putting any points in. If building a “tank” there is also an order to stat choices I prefer.

  • 1) Block – flat damage reduction. Getting above 50 block basically means not taking any damage against enemies that don’t ignore block of which there are only a couple.
  • 2) Dodge – not getting hit means not taking damage. Only a couple of enemies have attacks that ignore dodge chance
  • 3) Resistance – decreases damage based on percent. Block is easier and faster to stack and most enemies don’t do a whole lot of damage in the first place.

I personally would ignore putting points in Health, Armor, Healing Received, or Health regen for a tank. They are wasted points. Melee attacks do extra damage on armor, and most zombie attacks are melee attacks in the game. While armor regenerates every round, the amount of armor gained through gear is more than enough for actual melee tanks builds. As far as health goes, that is only again useful the first few nights since you’ll be using your heroes as meatshields to keep the enemies out of the town to prevent panic. After that, your heroes should be strong enough to kill zombies without being hit. Any attribute not mentioned was not worth mentioning in this section.


On to killing and on to my weapon choices.


  • 1) Spear – biggest base AOE, the multi hit can be very useful as it ignore armor on targets, and can strike in a line. The issue is the higher 2 AP cost for all attacks. This sucks at the start when first playing before getting unlocks from Schaden to have more AP. A spear melee character with 7 base AP, +2 from traits, and some from gear or level ups is a MONSTER on the map.
  • 2) Dagger – poison damage ignores armor as well. The default 3 multi hit attacks isn’t much but there is no “limit” to how much multi-hit you can get. The downside is the multi-hit stat only comes from gear unlike other secondary attributes. +2 being the most single roll for a multi hit slot on a gear. Still I’ve been able to get +11 multi-hit attribute on a character and that means I was tossing out 14 daggers per attack. With enough damage to 1 shot per dagger throw this means 14 dead zombies per attack. Still the base 4 hits aren’t bad, but if you don’t get any multi-hit gear there are better weapons to use.
  • 3) Two-Handed sword – with a 6 hit AoE attack that costs no mana this is a fairly nice weapon to use. Also “free” movement with a charge for 2 AP is often nice situationally. Slash is a worthless attack though.
  • 4) Hammer – Stun AoE but reduced damage is okay. It can hit up to 8 targets, but is a bit hard to use since you have to surround yourself to actually hit 8 targets. Which the zombies rarely line up for unless they surround you and then you have other issues.
  • 5) Sword – is good in the beginning and is only useful as the offhand for a melee character late game. The lack of AoE, momentum being meh for damage, and the positioning issues required for it on large packs makes the sword mostly worthless to use as the main weapon. 2 AP and 1 mana to hit 3 targets only is just meh. Skill range makes both Dash and Blade rush go potentially further, but you still can only attack 1 or 3 targets respectively. If you are actually trying to hit a target with either you MUST land in a free square after the last target. For low movement melee characters (which happens with a low of -1 move on armor gear) the sword is a nice second weapon to use AP on to get around if needed.
  • 6) Axe – just no. This weapon is a disaster. Shred is inaccurate which makes anything with dodge always dodge. The Scream is dumb as the best way to reduce damage is not to be in position to take damage in the first place which scream makes you do. Axe boomerang is a limited distance attack that is nothing special and hard use since you must only throw it straight out. Just ignore the Axe in the current state. I haven’t tried the Two handed hammer yet so I can’t comment on it. However as an honorable mention
  • 7) Power staff – while technically “magic” based damage it is melee range. Like the spear it has a 9 hit AoE triangle in front of you for damage. It also has a “teleport” ability which if you kill the target, you teleport to their location, deal damage around you, and stun everything around you. This is a great way to save on move speed points to get into position in melee and save the move speed to get away from the horde at the end of the round. Of course if you don’t kill the target you don’t teleport and just do damage to that single target (assuming it isn’t dodged). Pillar of light is also a nice semi ranged AOE ability hitting a 9 square area. It debuffs everything but the center square reducing their accuracy. Unfortunately, it only deals damage to the center square (aka 1 target). The real downside to this weapon is starting with it. 3 out of the 4 abilities all use mana and that can be quite the burden early in the game play. If my mage started with this or the scepter I would reroll the world.


  • 1) Long bow – Highest range weapon in the game. Auto hit any target with dodge for massive damage? Check. AoE clear that also stuns? Check, Buff allies? Check. One of the best weapons in the game. Allows a single character to provide cover for 2 sides at the same time making the late game positioning for rounds much easier.
  • 2) Hand crossbow – similar to the dagger. Range isn’t that great, but once can still safely attack the horde from a distance without being attacked back usually. The multi-hit AND propagation Blaze attack is AMAZING! The downside is needing to boost 3 secondary attributes to get this really destroying a horde. Quickshot and Slow Death also both reduce the movespeed of whatever they hit with Slow Death applying poison damage that bypasses armor. Weak shot is a single target ability that ignores armor in the first place. The downside to the hand crossbow is the low base damage. So enemies with a ton of block will laugh at you like the spearman skeleton. Seriously screw those guys for almost any weapon.
  • 3) Shortbow – Precise shot to ignore dodge on enemies allowing you to always hit? Yes please. Tight volley hitting 6 targets and reducing their movespeed by a lot if they manage to live? Great! Rain of arrows potentially crushing 7 targets? Oh yah. Rain of Arrows is funky to use though and positioning on this weapon is more crucial to get the best use out of it. Powershot is OK, but don’t use on any dodge based zombie unless you like missing all the time since it is an inaccurate attack.
  • 4) Rifle – ridiculous single target damage. But in a game designed for AoE blasting hordes of zombies it still is surprisingly useful. This weapon is better as a secondary for this reason as it can be used to blast the really nasty zombies like boomers, brutes, and such. Not to mention the bosses. It has 1 AoE ability which is suppressive shot and that attack is more of a debuff than one meant to do damage. Still slowing enemies down a bunch and reducing their damage for 2 full turns can be clutch. The +1 turn to debuff perk makes it even better! Assassinate also ignores block! Screw you spearmen skeletons!
  • 5) Pistol – like the sword this is a better secondary than primary. It also actually is good for a melee character since Grappling shot pulls you to the target allowing you to get into melee range without using movespeed! Grapeshot is a triangle 9 shape cone that also ignores dodge! Pistol Shot ignores block but damage scales on momentum (ugh). so pistol is decent, but as a primary weapon it is a little lackluster.
  • 6) Crossbow – Just no. This weapon sucks. Heavy bolt to ignore block as an attack is basically the only good attack. However the attack has to be in a straight line from your character which makes positioning with it a PITA. Actually 3 of the 4 attacks fire the same way in a straight line out. The basic attack “Straight Shot” which surprisingly is the only shot you don’t have to shoot in a straight line despite the name, also has less than normal uses at 3 compared to the basic attack of most weapons at 4+. Like the rifle/pistol this is best as a secondary weapon than a primary, but I rather take the rifle/pistol over this period.


  • 1) Tome – this is the best magic dealing weapon in the game. It has the highest range at 10 squared for magic weapons. It has a propagating debuff attack and a high damage propagating lightning attack. Propagation only works on adjacent targets and you can’t control the path. So while the base amount of targets is 9, you can hit far less if the path it takes leads to a target at the “end” of a group. Although practice will make maximizing these attacks second nature. Learning how to “shape” a horde with the single target Shadow Bolt first makes that easier. Fireball is a bit lack luster, but still does decent damage up to 5 targets in a cross section.
  • 2) Wand – Magic missile like dagger throw is AMAZING with enough multi-hit attribute. Like dagger though, without multi-hit the wand is a bit less useful for damage output. Even less than the dagger since there is no poison and less than hand crossbow with no propagation. Still a mage with wand, lots of multi-hit, high crit, and the gain mana on crit perk a wand mage will have infinite mana. With a warp crystal in the off hand that is basically infinite mobility on the map. It is literally stupidly broken right now if you can get a character to that point in the game. With two wand users with high AP, chance to gain AP on kill, and the ability to share AP between each other, you can literally wipe out the whole map with 2 character every round EVERYWHERE. Literally 2 characters setup this way is all you need. I repeat, wands setup this way are BROKEN. Still, it isn’t easy to set one character up this way let alone two.
  • 3) Druidic staff – While not the highest base damage, it has lots of poison which propagates, entangle “slow” debuff 9 targets, and acid spray debuff 13 target stripping them of armor and a ton of dodge for 2 turns. Range is decent at 8 squares too.
  • 4) Orb – this one is more of an offhand at most for the AoE poison. Infect is good for isolate damage at least. Death ray sucks. Looks nice, but only hits 3 targets in a line at short range. No thanks on that.
  • 5) Scepter – just no. Like the Axe and Crossbow, this one is junk. If you want to be in “melee” range as a mage then get the power staff which is INFINITELY better than this hot garbage. Even allowing for the fact you can use a shield with it for more stats, that doesn’t make up for the lack of AoE on this. Sure it has a melee range propagation attack, but it does reduced damage so it can “stun” instead. Better ways to stun like with a longbow than this thing.


Finally the last of the list of character info to go over. Perks. Not much to go over. Only a few universal good ones, a few good niche ones based on build, and the rest suck. I’ll go through them all.

Tier 1:

  • Fatality – is ok on a melee character early game, but falls of later as getting a zombie to 15 or less health is “harder” to do. If this had been 15% of their health it would have been a good pick. As it is, since zombies get more health into later rounds this is mostly a waste of a perk.
  • Avid learner – for 25% exps gained at the end of a round. Should be first picked. Literally.
  • Coagulation – Is okay for melee tanks. Gives armor based on daily health regen. It’s situational at best since daily health regen isn’t really a stat you should be pumping for a dubious defense stat (armor) in the first place. Better sources for armor.
  • Critical master – If your crit sucks and you don’t plan on raising it then this is okay to get a little bit of crit. But why would you make a character and not try to get crit other places? It’s not a waste of a perk per say, but there are better options.
  • Martial Artist – WASTE OF A PERK.
  • Potent Toxins – if using a poison weapon then get. Otherwise ignore.
  • Swift as the Wind – chance to regen movepoints. This is decent even with the low chance.
  • Steady Aim – if you are a range or range mage then this is a good perk for more accuracy and skill range. Just don’t move before attacking. Late game most ranged characters are going to be stationary for most the fight in a watch tower so this is pretty good perk
  • Potion Throw – WASTE OF A PERK.

Tier 2:

  • Mark – Free action to debuff the dodge of a target? Decent for some weapons like rifle although a little accuracy makes this less useful. Using an attack that ignores dodge makes this even more niche. Still there are worse perks to pick.
  • Stunning – Using a longbow, hammer, or power staff (screw scepter) then pick this perk. Otherwise ignore.
  • Soul Reaper – Situational at best. Doesn’t help in your fight, but allows you to get more oraculum unlocks faster. Only get if you are confident in winning every fight to beat the game with on your current run and usually near the last few nights where there are more zombies to get more value from this.
  • Initiator – have propagate or multi-hit attack? Then get this perk.
  • Leapfrog – WASTE OF A PERK. use a sword secondary if melee and if not melee why be in melee range?
  • Cheer – Niche. By late game your heros are on their own for the most part. Almost a complete waste of a perk.
  • Back Protection – Umm.. 20 armor is laughable late game. Niche in the early game. Mostly a waste.
  • Cherry Picking – 50% reliability on isolated targets? Yes Please! Not really much else to pick in this tier as most of the tier 2 perks suck.

Tier 3:

  • Confident – 50% reliability at full health? sign me up. If you are getting beat up to not be at full health you playing the game wrong.
  • Armor Master – Niche. If you aren’t wearing armor that reduces movement, this does nothing. Most armor that reduces movement is “armor” attribute based which is dubious at best for defense instead of other types of defense. Making this more useful on melee champs. Still it has a use.
  • Play Dead – WASTE OF A PERK. If heroes are dying chances are you are about to lose that round anyhow. Better to just exit to the main menu and replay the round.
  • Magic Fuel – Mage character with a high mana pool getting more magic damage? Oh yah! For anything else just ignore this.
  • Thrifty – Finally the second universally good perk that EVERY hero must take after Avid learner from tier 1. Seriously get this as soon as you can.
  • Patient – Conserve some AP and move. This is niche but not a waste. Better on melee than non melee heroes.
  • Trapper – WASTE OF A PERK.

Tier 4:

  • Lone Wolf – bonus damage when alone? Late game with zombies coming from every where that means your heros are usually alone! Thank you perk!
  • Hitman – This is what Fatality from tier 1 should have been. Still it is a bit niche as late game when you acquire this most of your attacks should be 1 shotting zombies and not leaving them too often at 33% health.
  • Specialist – From riches to rags this perk starts off great and gets worse the more unlocks you get. When you have very few unlocks from Schadedn done then this is one of the best perks to get early into your play throughs. Most gear you find will be common with an occasional uncommon to give some stats. Uncommon only has 1 shot for an attribute stat bonus so the extra damage and extra skill usage from this perk is amazing at that point in the game. Once you get unlocks for higher rarity chances from weapon choices this value of this perk drops greatly to the point of being a waste of a perk. For reference rare gear has 2 slots for attribute bonuses and epic gear has 4 slots. By forgoing a second weapon swap set with this perk you are potentially locking your character out of 10+ attribute bonus slots (4 per epic + innate of some gear)
  • Relentless – Good perk for melee especially if using sword secondary. Move around for position to get more damage, ignore armor and ignore dodge to use the sword movement to dance back from the horde at the end of the round? Yes please!
  • First Blood – GET IT. 15% crit chance attacking full life enemies? Should be first pick in this tier.
  • Poisonous – Very niche. First you need more poison damage to make this useful which means can really only be picked on a poison weapon build. Second, your hero has to be HIT in melee range to apply this poison. No thanks to that part. Best defense is not getting hit in the first place. If you are taking lots of hits in the later rounds then you are doing it wrong.
  • Mana Collector – If your characters have crit, and why wouldn’t they? Get this perk.
  • Overload – WASTE OF A PERK.

Tier 5:

  • Night Owl – +2 AP and +3 Move for 3 turns starting turn 5? Oh hell yah! By the time you get this perk the waves are going past turn 5 every night.
  • Hex – +1 turn to any poison or stun? If using poison or stun this is a good perk.
  • Don’t Panic – If this had been a tier 1 perk this would have been great. This late in the game this perk is meh. Zombies shouldn’t be getting into town or you have bigger issues.
  • Berserk – tiny bonus damage after getting hit by zombies? Uh no thanks.
  • Energized – Chance for more AP? Sign me up!
  • Vampire – melee kills heal 2 health? Pffftttttt….. practically worthless.
  • Adrenaline Rush – Decent for a melee tank if you got enough dodge which you should have on a melee tank instead of armor.

Gameplay Tips

That’s about it for stats, gear, and heroes. Here are some general gameplay tips to get moving along.

  • 1) Don’t be afraid to lose. Early in this game you will lose until you get some good unlocks which is basically turning on easy mode, and then with more unlocks even easier mode. Also you can still do easy mode on top of that if you really feel discouraged.
  • 2) Once you have 6 heros, you don’t need your inn. Can destroy it for space if needed.
  • 3) Night 12, right now you need no buildings for this night. Destroy everything and wall the magic circle.
  • 4) You can make magic teleport circles OUTSIDE town. For the last night putting them in the corners of the map can make getting to the bosses much easier. Especially since the hordes never path from the corners.
  • 5) Traps suck. Stun traps are OK, but mostly they are all a waste of material. Build Ballistae instead.
  • 6) Catapults are nice early and fall off hard. I don’t build more than 4. One for each wall section.
  • 7) The southwest wall section is the easiest to defend. Since there is a bunch of water there, the zombies have to clump up in a straight line to go around it. This makes a hero with propagation hold that side easily on their own. Fliers going over the water suck though so have ballistae on the other side to shoot them down.
  • 8) Invest in gold mines as fast as possible.
  • 9) Get the seer and inn up by night 6. Every day cycle you can push back the mist 2 squares and doing so makes the late game doable. Don’t bother wasting workers on revealing all the monsters. It makes no difference. Nor does resetting the monster choices based on direction. Technically using workers on showing how big the horde per side is going to be is a waste. Just start the night, see which side has more zombies and if you guessed wrong just exit the game. Coming back into the game you starts back at the deployment phase so just reposition as needed. Sure this is sort of save scumming so if you aren’t into that then don’t worry about it.
  • 10) Talking about save scumming, level up options are the same every time a new set of options is presented. Say you have 3 characters ready to level up. You open up the level up screen for your melee character to see no level up options for melee, but a nice +10% rare level up to magic damage instead. Easy fix! Alt + F4 from the game. It won’t save unless you hit ESC and go to the main menu from that screen. Instead with Alt + F4 closing it won’t save. Just come back into the game, select your mage that is ready to level up and then the previous options you received for your melee character before you closed the game are now presented to your mage instead! Also, “rerolling” presents the next set of options page after the current page but with a lesser amount available to see and pick. Re-rolling before alt + f4 can help you potentially see which character you should level up next instead.
  • 11) Experience is SHARED. A smaller party of heroes will level much faster than a full party. Still, most heroes with Avid Learner will reach level 10 for the final fight on night 12. The coverage and fire power from a full party easier to win with than less.
  • 12) You can save scum roll the Inn as well for heroes. Unlike level ups though, it is truly random. Again you want to prioritize +trinket, +ap, +exps, +crit, and then +dmg for traits in that order. Any other bonus type is a nice to have, but not usually worth fussing over.
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