Town of Salem 2 – Definitive Seer Role Guide

This comprehensive guide provides detailed strategies and tips for playing as the Seer in Town of Salem 2. It delves into understanding the role, its abilities and limitations, and how to maximize the potential of the Seer’s unique power to discern opposing factions. This guide also provides guidance on how to communicate effectively, how to maintain a strategic game log, and how to masquerade as a Seer for other roles, especially for those aligned with evil. Whether you’re new to the role or a seasoned player seeking to refine your strategies, this guide offers valuable insights to enhance your gameplay experience.

Guide to Seer Role

Note: Credit goes to James Jedi

Strategy Guide for Playing as Seer

  1. Understanding the Seer Role

The Seer is an interesting Town Investigative role. You have the ability to choose two players at night to determine if they are on opposing factions. This means you are focused on discerning loyalties and affiliations rather than specific roles, giving you a different perspective on the game’s unfolding dynamics.

  1. Abilities and Limitations

As a Seer, you have certain restrictions. You may not choose yourself, nor a revealed Mayor. Moreover, roles like an Enchanter or Illusionist can interfere with your results, causing you to receive false or misleading information.

  1. Strategic Use of Abilities

Your power can be influential in narrowing down possible threats to the town. By selecting two players at night and discovering they are from opposing factions, you can make educated guesses about their roles. For example, if you know a player is a confirmed Town member and you find they are in opposition to another player, that player is likely a member of the Mafia, Coven, or Neutral roles.

  1. Communication

Just like other investigative roles, communication is key. It’s vital to relay your findings to the town in a clear and efficient manner. Be mindful of how you phrase your accusations; stating someone is from an opposing faction is not the same as saying they’re outright evil. Remember, neutrals are also in opposition to the town.

  1. Counteracting Manipulation

Since your results can be manipulated by an Enchanter or Illusionist, always consider the possibility of being tricked. If your results consistently lead to innocent players being lynched, you might be getting manipulated.

  1. Playing Defensive

As a Seer, you don’t have any natural defenses and can be an attractive target for evil roles wanting to confuse the town. Be careful when revealing your role, and try to only do so when you have important information to share.

Seer’s Game Log Template

Use this template to keep track of your actions and findings each night as Seer:

  • D1:
  • Observations:
  • N1:
  • Chosen Players:
  • Findings:
  • D2:
  • Observations:
  • N2:
  • Chosen Players:
  • Findings:

Repeat this pattern for each subsequent day and night. Keeping a detailed and accurate log can greatly assist in remembering past actions, making connections, and planning strategies.

Strategies for Masquerading as a Seer

If you are playing a different role, particularly an evil one, and need to disguise yourself as a Seer, here are a few strategies:

  • Understand the Role: Understand the mechanics of a Seer role, how the powers work, and when the abilities can and can’t be used.
  • Select your Targets: Be strategic in selecting the two players you would ‘investigate’ each night.
  • Frame your Results: If you’re evil, remember to frame your results in a way that sows discord among the Town members.
  • Be Aware of Counterclaims: If there is a real Seer in the game, they might counterclaim and debunk your results. Have a strategy to counter this.
  • Play Along with Illusionists or Enchanters: If there are illusionists or enchanters in the game, use them to your advantage. Their interference might provide a plausible reason for any discrepancies in your claims.

Remember, the key to successfully masquerading as a Seer is to blend in, share plausible but not too much information, and manage suspicions effectively. However, always be prepared to adapt your strategy if suspicion falls on you.

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