ULTRAKILL – How to Not Die to Gabriel

Had enough of this dude? Want to cave his skull in? This guide will tell you how to deal with Gabriel.


Gabriel, the lone enemy of 3-2 – In The Flesh and the final boss of Act 1 – Infinite Hyperdeath, is a very difficult fight compared to other bosses. Gabriel requires you to learn his attacks and how to dodge them in order to succeed, and anything less will mean certain death unless you’re unfathomably lucky. He is a very easily learnable foe, however. This dumbass telegraphs every attack he has. Here’s how you deal with him.

Weaponry, Basics

Gabriel is a very mobile opponent, and NOT one that you want to be near. You’re going to want to be using hitscan for this one.

The green Railcannon is incredibly helpful for this fight. Having an easy damage over time that constantly drops blood is great for when you can’t quite track him.

If possible, obtain the alternate revolver from the slab secrets in Limbo. The damage output while switching between mods helps tremendously for killing this ♥.

Every once in a while, there will be a small window of time where Gabriel will not attack you, because he is too busy taunting you and will not shut the ♥ up. Use that window to get close and heal, but don’t stay close for too long or you could be in for a rough time depending on the next attack.


Gabriel telegraphs this attack by pulling out a sword.

In his first phase, Gabriel will dash towards you, slice twice, and throw his sword at you. Dash away from him and you’ll be good. Regain your distance afterwards.

In his second phase, Gabriel will dash towards you, slice twice, teleport in a random direction around you, slice again, teleport away, and throw his sword at you. Be extremely wary of his teleport, as those slices do massive damage that you usually can’t afford to tank. Again, dash away and regain your distance.

Occasionally, Gabriel won’t even throw his sword at you if you’re close enough. He also may not dash towards you if you’re close enough.


The big problem attack. Requires some very good timing to dodge. Gabriel telegraphs this attack by pulling out a spear.

In his first phase, Gabriel teleports above you, lunging his spear down at you. He then teleports away from you and throws his spear at you from a distance. Dash away as you hear the sound cue and you’ll be good.

In his second phase, this attack becomes a lot harder to deal with. Gabriel now teleports above you twice before teleporting away, lunging his spear down both times while being MUCH faster to do so. Make sure you always have at least 2 dashes saved for this attack, and try your damn best to time it right as to not get hit.

While you really shouldn’t do so, the spear throwing is parryable. It does good damage, so if you’re feeling confident you can go for it.

Dual Projectiles

Perhaps the simplest attack. Gabriel telegraphs this attack by pulling out two… I can’t even tell what these are. Hammers? Axes? Whatever these are, there’s two of them. That’s the important part.

As far as I can tell, this attack does not change between phases. Just strafe away in whatever direction you want- hell, even just going forwards works sometimes (but I don’t recommend it). Only use a dash if you’re too close to move away normally. Like the spear, this is parryable, but I would consider it more difficult to do so.

Sword Aura

The only new attack Gabriel has in phase two, and a ♥ to deal with. Telegraphed by just… him having swords around him in a circle.

Gabriel surrounds himself with swords, dealing damage in an area around him. Do NOT be near him during this time. He can also use his other attacks while he has the swords around him, so really be good with your movement to avoid damage.

After a while, Gabriel will surround you with swords, moving them in towards you after a certain amount of time. Dash forwards as they come towards you to avoid the damage using invincibility frames, and make sure you have some damn good timing.


Gabriel is a ♥ that I hate, but when you get to learn him he’s an easy to kill ♥ that I hate. Smart conservation of dashes is the key to survival in this fight, and it helps to avoid what you can without dashing. It may help to practice by turning the game speed down to 50% in order to test the patterns out for yourself. If you’re struggling dealing damage, remember: aim assist only counts as a minor assist!

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