V Rising – Server Commands

List of commands known to me for managing server.

How to Host Your Own Server (Rental Service Provider)

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Note: Every gaming server goes online immediately! A welcome email including your connection information (guide) will be sent to you when your gaming server is created.

Command List


Command: adminauth

The first command to enter when entering the server, if you have already added your steam ID to the list of administrators in the configuration. It allows you to gain permission to enter further commands and assigns you the role of super admin on the server as well as the [admin] tag in the chat.

Command: admindeauth

Removal of administrator rights, deprives you of the rights to write administrative commands and removes the tag [admin] in the chat.


Command: toggleobserve [number 0-2]

This command is similar to spectator mode and gives you the ability to pass through all objects and move freely anywhere on the map, even into textures.

  • 0 – Disables the feature if enabled
  • 1 – Makes you completely invisible and invulnerable, but your steps are audible and all effects, such as garlic or a blood moon, will be visible on you.
  • 2 – The same effect as 1 but you can be seen, you are in the form of a ghost

In modes 1 and 2, it’s impossible to interact with the world (pick up objects, sit on a horse, open doors, workbenches, etc.) you have to switch to 0.

Command: setadminlevel [player name] [privilege]

Gives the rights of your choice to the player by character name.

Levels: Admin, Moderator, None, SuperAdmin.

Command: teleport self [cursor, “user:PlayerName”, weapoint:coordinate1:coordinate2]

This command actually has a lot more parameters of who and where to teleport, but I only checked these.

cursor – teleports you to where your cursor is

“user:PlayerName” – teleports you to the player whose name you specify after “:”

weapoint:coordinate1:coordinate2 – teleports you to respawn points, you can choose from the drop-down list which point to teleport to.

Command: TeleportToPlayer [player name]

Teleports you to the player whose nickname you specified

Command: TeleportPlayerToMe [player name]

Teleports the player to your current position

Command: TeleportPlayerToMousePosition [player name]

Teleports the player whose nickname you specified to the location of your cursor


Command: bancharacter [player name]

Ban player by game nickname

Command: banuser [steam id]

Ban a player by his steam ID

Command: kick [player name]

Kick a player from the server using a game nickname

Command: banned

Displays a list of banned players

Command: unban [player index]

Removes a ban from a player by his index, which is meant by the index, I don’t know yet, since I haven’t banned players yet.

Issuance of Items / Buffs / Skills

Command: give [item name and id] [amount]

Issuance of an item by ID and name, and you can select an item from the drop-down list.

Command: giveset [set name]

Gives out pre-prepared sets of items that can be selected from the list

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