Vampire Survivors – Easy Egg Farming 10-ish Minutes for Starters

This guide should get you started to farm eggs on a greater scale.

Intro & Prerequisites

This guide should get you started to farm eggs on a greater scale. After some 100 Eggs i would reccomend to switch to Bone Zone with different builds for Red Death.

What you get: 12 Eggs in 10-ish minutes + some 25.000+ Gold

  • Character: Red Death
  • Limit Weapons: 5
  • Unlocks Needed: Randomazzo, Yellow Sign
  • Map: Moongolow
  • Arcanas: Mad Groove, Disco of Gold
  • Settings: Hyper, Arcanas, Hurry?

You won’t need Limit break on a Hurry run since you will end it around lvl 90. But take whatever fits you. I would recommend to turn off Hurry for the first few runs to get used to it, which will get you to a 17-ish minutes per run.


Final weapon-setup:

Death Spiral, La Borra, Gatti Amari, Infinite Corridor, Crimson Shrout


Empty tome, Duplicator, Spinach, Candelabrador, Skull O’Maniac, Attractorb, Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Metaglio left, Metaglio right

Look for following weapons:*

Gatti Amari > Santa Water > Laurel > Clock Lancet

* Best case in this order.

Focus on evolves:*

La Borra > Infinite Corridor > Crimson Shrout

* In this order.


  1. Collect the listed Passives from the start. Mad Groove will bring them to you. Focus on the crown if it appears to boost your XP early on. As well as on Gatti Amari and Santa Water for dmg and your first evolve.
  2. Stay in the starting area and lvl up. Let Gatti Amari do most of the work if you have it. Dont run too far away from the clouds. Kite and Evade enemies through them. Collect all chests until minute 11.
  3. Get Gatti Amari asap and kite the guardians through the clouds: 4 Golden Eggs
  4. Don’t go overboard with Metaglio right, Skull O’Maniac & Gold Ring early on.
  5. At minute 10 the first evolve chest drops. You can collect it whether Santa Water is ready or not. There are 4 drops, we only need 3.
  6. At minute 11 the second evolve chest drops plus an arcana chest.
  7. Collect both chests (if Santa Water is ready or evolved already) and select the Disco of Gold arcana. You might need some rerolls so don’t force them all on getting Gatti Amari. Evolve Santa Water with these chest if you haven’t already or leave them and wait till its ready. You want to have Disco of Gold to keep your health up.
  8. When the prerequisites for Infinite Corridor are given, collect another chest and evolve it. Same for Crimson Shrout. You can collect the other chests afterwards since we aren’t evolving anything anymore.
  9. Kill the three small guardians. They start spawning at minute 14: 3 Golden Eggs
  10. Kite the Red Death through the Gatti Amari clouds and kill it: 5 Golden Eggs
  11. Skip the White Hand scene by ESC- Quit to save some time.

Don’t stress if you dont get to evolve Crimson Shrout. Red Death should be doable without it.

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