Vampire Survivors – How to Deal with Wolves

Tip for Beating Wolves

A good Fire Wand and it’s evolved form is very efficient at making a patch. While you don’t pick the direction it shoots, you just have to pay attention and follow the projectile. Especially the evolved form, it’ll generally wipe out whatever it touches, leaving a path.

Another tip, if you aren’t doing it already, is to leave at least one treasure chest on the ground. I generally play in the vicinity of the chest, or at least always keep in mind how far away it is (helps that there is an arrow pointing to it if it’s off screen). The purpose being that the second you max an evolve-capable weapon, you can sprint for the chest and do it.

As the poster above me said, Garlic gives you a ton of breathing room as well. I don’t think it pushes the wolves a ton, but coupled with a few things like the Cross, it keeps a lot of things away. Even sends ‘boss’ creatures flying.

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  1. My typical strategy for dealing with the wolf wave is to avoid them as best I can while dealing with the weaker enemies that come in with them. Same with the large bats.

  2. Just grind library until you get the majority of the upgrades. It’s easier, more consistent and efficient.

    With the upgrades it gets a lot easier to clear forest that first time.

  3. I just run in one direction. At some point I carefully turn to the side, and then back, and go back getting the exp that dropped.

  4. The forrest is harder than the library because between 3 min and 6-7 minutes there are almost no good clusters of enemies so getting XP is sooo slow.
    Then the green ghosts come and If you didn’t manage to get enough XP and or were not lucky enough to get DMG upgrades yoy are borked because the green ghosts are buff ASF.
    So killing them goes slowly and so you keep on getting no XP and the as you say the warevolfs comes and youre done.
    Every run can’t be win but it’s fun when they are.

    I have found that King Bible and evolved King Bible is even better.
    Garlic is good, YES it IS, because 1-2 levels of garlic can oneshot those pesky bats and ad a spinach to that and the sekelton horde after 10 min will be a breeze and good source of XP.
    I only play library now because the forest is too slow even on game mode+ just because it’s too big of an area so XP is too slow in that area.

  5. Not sure if you peeps have been doing forest lately, i bought the game yesterday and have unlocked most stuff by now, and im currently trying to get past this same point, it’s not knockbacks and freezes that will help getting past this stage, it’s damage, you NEED more damage, i still have not managed to get past it and i have done runs with bible and garlic, and it does not work when you don’t kill anything, how the f are you going to “path through” with knockbacks when everything is swarming you due to NOT killing anything?

    The highest i have been was lvl 28 at that point and i ALMOST had enough damage to get past it, but in the end i was still overwhelmed by enemies because i couldn’t kill them fast enough.

    I think you need an evolved weapon to get past it, but i am genuinely wondering what the chances are to get that from a chest, i have tried to evolve my weapons on all the runs i do in forest but so-far not a single evolve has popped up and i have had the requirements that i know of for the Axe, Magic wand and Fire Wand.

    • You are almost there, yes damage is the answer, and ideally direct and controlable damage. Funny enough most weapons that can evolve meet this requisite, for example weapons that lack evolution like santa water, rune tracer, bone, all of them can do really high amounts of total damage and dps but there is a good chance they will not kill the small group of werewolfs in front of you.

      I do think you are a bit confused about how to get evolved weapons, and sure you don’t need them but they are a huge help.

  6. honestly i think the evolved whip is while not the strongest weapon is the one that makes for my most stable runs as it does nice numbers and the heal is better then most defensive passives

  7. At 13 min in forest you mainly need 2 sources of consistent damage to path through the gimmick of ghost clouds shoving wolves into you, otherwise they’ll just overwhelm you.

  8. Heavy investment into a controlled damage weapon is very important for survival in Forest. It’s not essential if you are good at dodging and finding paths through your random weapon attacks, but getting a high level Book, Whip, Wand or Dagger will make it much easier to survive their onslaught.

    Also don’t sleep on Garlic, it’s damage is garbage but it debuffs the enemies Knockback Resistance giving you much more breathing room.

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