Vampire Survivors – How to Unlock Big Trouser (Secret Character)

How to unlock Big Trouser (added in v0.10.0).

How to Unlock

  1. Choose a character.
  2. Go to Moongolow.
  3. Now you must collect all of the upgrates lying around (12 in total, The Rings& Metaglio parts as well as Torrona’s Box are not required) and upgrade all for them to max level.
  4. After having all of them on max level you can quit or keep playing untill 15 min (but do not lose all your revivals on red death because it will destroy Tiragisu).
  5. You will now be able to buy the character in the character selection screen.

This is only based on what I figured out on my own and in the beta, so if I wrote something wrong please let me know.

Character Ability

Trouser gains +1% Growth every level. There is no cap on this bonus.

They also have longer Gold Fevers. Starts with weapon “Candybox”.

Created by Sibeck

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