Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Guide for a Cooldown Reduction Melee Zealot

This is just a simple guide for a Cooldown reduction Melee Zealot.

Faithful Stalwart

This is what I am currently running on my Zealot. With the 3 cool-down Modifiers plus Stalwart and Redoubled Zeal. The Fury of Faithful seems to be up quiet often. Toughness stays full quite easy with this build. Anoint in Blood allows you to use the slug shotgun to pop off specials or Elites.

I find it best to stay with the team, and only change sides of the group as the cool down reduction allows you to respond in Melee faster than others.

My current Weapons: 550 Turtolsky Mk VII Heavy Sword (25% Maniac, 25% Infested, Rampage 4, Headtaker 4)

544 Agripinaa Mk VII Combat Shotgun (25% Maniac, 25% Flak, Hit and Run 4 Full Bore 4) NOTE: This shotgun on Maulers it is better to body shot then head-shot due to Flak vs Carapace)

Current Curios:

  • 169 21% health, 4% combat Ability Regen, 5% max Health, 20% Gunner Resist
  • 168 17% Toughness, 20% Gunner Resist, 20 Sniper Resist, 5% Toughness
  • 198 17% Toughness 20% Mutant Resist, 4% Combat Ability Regen
  • Ability: Fury of the Faithful
  • Modifiers: Invocation of Death, Martyr’s Purpose, Pious Cut-Throat, Redoubled Zeal
  • Blitz: Immolation Grenade
  • Aura: Benediction
  • Keystone: Blazing Piety
  • Modifier: Infectious Zeal, Stalwart


Anoint in Blood (25% ranged reduced the further away you are)

  • Desperation: 20% melee when 0 stamina
  • Disdain: 5% on next melee attack for each Enemy hit (Stacks 5 times)

Duelist: 50% weak-spot and Critical hit Damage for 3 seconds on dodge.

Faithful Frenzy: 10% melee Attack Speed

Punishment: Melee attacks the hit 3 Enemies grant 30% impact. stacks 5 times at 5 stacks become Uninterruptible

  • Purge the Unclean: 20% Damage vs Infested and Unyielding
  • Restoring Faith: on taking Damage heal 25% of it
  • Sustained Assault: 4% melee damage on hitting an enemy with Melee Stacks 5 times

Operator Modifiers

  • 10% Health
  • 5% Melee
  • 5% Melee
  • 5% Movement Speed
  • 5% Movement Speed
  • 5% Suppression Dealt
  • 15 Toughness
  • 15 Toughness
  • 15 Toughness
  • 5% Toughness Damage Reduction
  • 5% Toughness Damage Reduction
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