Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Duel Guide (Ranks, Rooms, Assessments)

Ranked Duels (Standard)

“Standard” Ranked Duels follow the basic Forbidden/Limited List for Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL.

Players of similar Ranks are matched together, and they can increase their Rank by winning the Duel.
Hone your skills and climb your way to the top!

In Ranked Duels, you will go up a Rank once you win a certain amount of Duels.

When you go up a Rank, you will receive a reward.

Types of Ranks

Each Rank has its own set of Tiers, and the level of each Tier is displayed to its right.

The larger the number, the lower the tier. Gain promotion after reaching Tier 1 to go up a Rank.

Rank/Tier Demotion

Losing may result in you dropping a Rank or Tier.

Only those in ROOKIE Tier will go up in Rank even when they lose. But don’t let the prospect of failure stop you. Be brave and charge forth!

Ranked Duels Periods

Ranked Duels are divided into periods, with a tallying period at the end of each.

Duels started within the Ranked Duel period give you Rank rewards, and your Rank will be subject to change.

Duels started during the tallying period will not give you Rank rewards, and your Rank will not change.

Reset of Ranks

After the period for Ranked Duels and the tallying period end, another period begins with all players at a lower Rank.

Saving and Replaying Duels

You can save and replay Duels from your Match History.

You can check your saved Duels under Replays in your Profile.

You will have 24 hours to check your Duels in your Match History.

The Match History will be reset at the beginning of each season.

(Please be aware that your Match History and any saved replays may be erased without prior notice to lighten the server load or fix an issue. We appreciate your understanding.)


By creating a room and sharing the Room ID with other players, you can play Duels in a group.

*The room will disappear when the host player who created the room disbands the room, or when 24 hours have passed since it was created.

Creating a Room

Each player can create and have 1 room active at a time.

Rooms also have various customization options.

A Room ID will be assigned to each room when it is created. You can share it with other players so they may enter the room. Room members may also invite their friends to join the room.

When you create a room, you can choose to turn the “Room List Privacy Setting” to ON if you wish to allow players to join without the Room ID. Similarly, you can also choose to turn the “Spectate Privacy Setting” to ON, which will allow players to spectate the Duels in the room without a Spectator ID.

Entering a Room

If you have been given a Room ID by the room host, you can enter it as a room member.

You can also choose to enter a room that is open to the public from the Room List.


Players who are not Room Members can spectate the Duels in a room by entering the Spectator ID.

You can also choose to enter a room that is open for spectating to the public from the Room List.

Duel Assessments

When you Duel, you will be assessed according to what actions were taken.

You will receive 1 reward for every 1000 Duel Assessment points that you earn.

The maximum number of rewards you can earn from one Duel is 6.

Some criteria will have a higher priority than others, and you can only earn points for each criteria once per Duel.

You will not earn any points if you surrender.

There may be times when the Duel Assessment is either not available or scored differently, depending on the mode, event, or Duel.

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