Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Home Screen Guide

About the Home Screen

You can access various Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL features through “Home.”


You can Duel with other players here.


You can edit your Deck and generate cards here.


Experience the legends hidden within the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG here.


This is where you can purchase cards and Accessories. You can go to “Deck” to edit your Deck with the cards you have purchased, and customize your profile with your new Accessories by going to “Profile.”


Review and change your player information here. You can also view the replays you saved through “Duel” here.


Purchase in-game currency here. You can use Gems to purchase items at the Shop.


Read up on the latest alerts here.


Come here to see which missions you still have to complete, or which ones you’ve cleared already. Once you clear a mission, you can collect your reward here.

Gift Box

Excess items, cards, and Gems will be sent here when your inventory has reached maximum capacity. Certain items will be sent here automatically as well.


The friends you have followed and your followers will be displayed in lists here. You can also search other users and send Duel requests to friends.


You can change your game settings, link your Konami ID, send us a query, and read the legal fine print here.


Read the latest and recommended news here, or you can access the Duel Live where you can spectate other players’ Duels.

Duel Pass

Check your Duel Pass details and rewards here.

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