Baldur’s Gate 3 – Prevent Updates: Freeze Game Version for Multiplayer & Modding

The most simple method to keep your current game version and prevent updates. Recommended for Multiplayer & Modding.

Make a Copy

Right-click on the game’s entry in your Steam Library -> Manage -> Browse local files

Copy & paste the folders bin and Data to a location.

For example: C:\BG3-noUpdates\

Launch the Copy

The copy is to be launched via the executable you find in the subfolder

  • C:\BG3-noUpdates\bin\bg3.exe (Vulkan) or C:\BG3-noUpdates\bin\bg3_dx11.exe (DirectX 11)

What Are the Benefits of This?

Steam will always update your games no matter what. If not immediately, at latest when you start the game.

By creating and using the copy outside of Steam’s designated library folder, the copy of the game will not be able to be automatically updated and you will effectively be able to keep the current version without being forced to update.


This method is particularly useful for multiplayer games, as it can ensure that you and your party always have the same version of the game, regardless of Steam updates.

An example of where this has proved useful is Patch#4, where Windows users received a mini hotfix immediately after the patch was released, while Mac users did not, resulting in a lack of cross-play capabilities.

If You Are Low on Storage Space

You can also move the files instead of copying them, and then uninstall Baldur’s Gate 3 from your Steam Library.

The game will still work, and you will not experience any additional storage issues due to failed updates.

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