Baldur’s Gate 3 – Help and Possible Fixes for Game Crashes

I see a lot of people are having issues and I’ve come across a couple tips that have helped me and a lot of generic and obvious tips that do nothing. I’m just trying to list what I’ve seen help people or have helped me.

Delete Old Files and Revalidate

What had the biggest impact for me is this step.

Find you %appdata% folder.

If you dont know how then you may want to find a guide online but basically its a hidden folder under your user profile. I can’t remember how to enable access to it because I did hat forever ago and it’s also different depending on your os.

After you find it, find the larian folder, the baldurs gate 3 folder.

Next, delete everything here except the player data folder (it has your save games in it and deleting the folder will delete your save, deleting it shouldn’t help any more than deleting the rest of it.

What happens is there’s a lot of early access files left over which are not compatible to the full release. Uninstalling the game won’t delete these files either because they’re in %appdata%.

After you do this, validate the game in steam, or maybe even Uninstaller and reinstall. Validating kind of left some of the freezing for me and I’m going to reinstall tonight, I’ll update this guide after if it helps more than just validating the files.

When I get home and can get on my laptop I’ll add pictures and flesh this out more.

This is what worked the best for me.

General Fixes

These are fixes I’ve seen elsewhere that have generally improved performance for me, however they did not help with the freezes. This doesn’t mean they won’t help you though so of course I want to list them.

1) Steam Properties

Right click the game in your library, hit the properties button and turn off steam overlay and the vr theater options. I got an fps boost after this myself.

2) Bypass The Launcher And Open The Game As Administrator

Right click the game, and open file location (should be on one of the side options, if not it’s in properties>installer tab>open file location at the top.

When the folder is open, right click bg3 (for Vulcan) or bg3_dx11 (direct x 11), hit properties, compatibility, and somewhere in here it’ll let you check a box to run as administrator. Larian also suggested clicking a couple other boxes in there. It didn’t help me but when I get home I’ll update this with which ones to check and add pictures.

3) Update Your Graphics Drivers And Whatnot

This step depends on you’re graphics card and software used to keep your drivers up to date. If you dont know how then you should search online for solutions. Nvidia uses GeForce experience, I’m not sure what other cards may use.

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