Baldur’s Gate 3 – Beginners Tips and Tricks

This is a type of game where you have to learn the rules and mechnics of the game to do really well to succeed.

Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

Waltzing into a fight fair and square and boping enemies in the head with big stick and shooting enemies from range with small pointy stick will only take you so far before the game starts slaughtering you, as im sure your already aware.

You need to use strategy and tactics to overcome these challenges but to form a strategy, you need to first learn the mechanics and game systems, which the game does NOT tell you about as the game is based around getting creative. Smooth brains not welcomed.

Take these tips and learn from them:

  1. Have only one team mate start combat:: If party is close to each other when combat starts, everyone in combat. if ungrouped and far away from each other, only the one who started combat is fighting. The other three will not be in combat and this brings advantages. Have other three sneak up to enemies and get in sneak attacks before the fight even starts.
  2. Get ranged characters to high ground: High ground attacks increases hit chance a lot, and enemies on the low ground decrease their hit chance a lot. This is why having starting battle with one character is important, the other three can get into positions like high ground while sneaking.
  3. You can swap to other characters while in conversations: This freezes the two people talking, in time, allowing your other characters to set up traps for them(surround them with oil barrels to blow up with a single fire attack) if they are about to start combat or pickpocket them.
  4. Use cover if not in melee range: But something between you and the enemies line of site. No seriously, after you attack, you should be trying to move your character behind something if they are not in melee range of an enemy. This forces the enemy to charge targets or force them to move to another location, often running pass your melee characters, and taking opportunity attacks to get back into line of sight.
  5. DO NOT group your party up close together in combat: The enemy will take advantage of this and hit you will AOE effects or attacks. Spread your party out. range always in the back melee up front and spaced around 3m or more apart.
  6. Use shove to knock enemies off ledges This can deal high damage or even kill them, and give you the high ground buff all at once.
  7. Dont be a horder, use your items: You got bottles of grease, use them if the enemy hasnt gotten to you yet and create a area of denial for your enemies. Then have other team mates throw down more bottle of grease for a long line of grease. They will walk around if another path is open or walk right into it if they have no other means to get to you. hit the grease with fire and now you got a kill zone where the enemies have to go through to get to you. pop in and out of cover and hit them with spell/arrows/grenades and pop back into cover.
  8. ALWAYS stealth if your not in enemies line of sight: this is especially true for rogues since they can stealth with bonus actions. If you can’t take some type of attack on your enemy, and they arent seeing you (hit shift to see if your in their cone of vision) then you should stealth. enemies cant target stealthed targets. Use this to your advantage to not take more damage.
  9. know what your stats: knowing what proficiency is what what stats effect which weapons is very important. If your rogue who is good at DEX is using a straight sword which is a STR weapon, then your not going to be making a lot of hits. Learn which stats your character has thats the highest and finding spells and weapons that uses these stats for better damage and hit chance. Some spells use WIS and not INT, and some spells use CHR. So you could be missing and not even know that your using a spell or weapon thats TERRIBLE for that character and thus missing a whole lot more.
  10. ALWAYS examine your foes in combat: This is probably another reason your missing a lot. Your using weapons or spells that character is really strong against. You do not want to use WIS save roll spells against a foe who has high WIS like 16 or higher. It has a HIGH chance or failure, thus a lower percentage chance. Know if the target is weak or strong to certain damage types. Dont want to use a slashing weapon against an enemy who takes half damage from slashing attacks. Also very important to know what the enemies level is. If the enemy is a higher level than you, even a single level, be prepared to get slapped around and a tough battle.
  11. If things are looking bad, flee from battle: If you move far enough away from the battle, theres a button next to the end turn button that will say FLEE or it. Allowing you to run away, and come back later and revive killed team mates at camp.
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