Baldur’s Gate 3 – Beating The Hag on Tactician Made Easy (Complete Guide)

Having issues beating the hag on tactician? Here is a complete guide from starting the dungeon to finishing the hag. I go through the most essential loadouts for this fight as well as how to get to the hag in the first place.

Promise Made: You’ll have an easy time beating her on tactician after reading / watching this.

Engaging Auntie Ethel in the Tea House

Note: Credit goes to JC

Once you reach the Tea-House you will confront auntie ethel in a dialogue which will most likely end in a fight.

However if you can manage to outtalk her to a stale – you can try to get a sneak attack on her in order to deal some advanced dmg which should stay until the final fight.

Some of your Party should keep the main entrance covered since she will call red-caps to her help.

If you passed some checks in advance and already know the true nature of the wetlands you can even kill the red-caps before you enter the tea house, which will make your life a bit easier.

For now your party composition and spells do not really matter, we will adapt a bit for the final fight – but that later.

Once you beat the red-caps and auntie ethel / the hag ran away in their hideout you will pass a perception check – clear the fire pit and walk through it in order to get to her hideout/tunnels.

Passing the Wood-Door in the Hideout & First Fight

Once you’ve entered the dungeon you can have several “conersations” with the imprisoned souls.

You will eventually reach a wooden door with which you can talk. Besides a couple of nice cutscenes there is no coming through (usually).

You will find ugly and suspicious looking masks on a table right next to the door.

Once you put this masks on (as a helmet) you will have to pass a wisdom check each round if you fail you will get fear and lose control – the character you failed with will attack your party and vice-reversa until you know him out, kill – or pass a wisdom check again.

So here is what you can do:

  • 1) You only need 1 character to bear a mask in order to pass the door with your whole party
  • 2) Choose a high wisdom character
  • 3) Put on a mask and QUICKLY (ASAP) go into turn based mode. – Make sure everyone stays close to the door.
  • 4) Lead each member of your party through the door
  • 5) Take the mask off, finish the turn, and end turn based mode

Like this you should not even have to make a wisdom check – in case you have to you will most likely pass it with widswom 15~17 ish.

You will come into a room with a couple of enemies which are under effect of the masks. There is no real guide for this fight since it is pretty straight forward.

Party Composition and Essentials for the Final Fight

After the first fight you will need a long rest in order to recover from the fight but more importantly to adapt your party (if haven’t done yet) or at least your spell/equipment loadout according to the final fight.

Since you are in the overgrown tunnel which is at this point a danger area it will neither allow you to go to your camp or change your party otherwise.

So make all your way back to the tea house / fire place. Make sure to save the game, have a long rest and adapt your party as following.

Party Composition & Loadouts

Character Wise you can go with basically anything here are some points to consider – Astarion is a really nice add because you will face a lot of traps – as aracne trickster he will be of best use in this fight and the way to it.


  • Multi Target Spells: Most preferably you have 2 characters with magic missile.

Magic Missile is a must have and will make your live easier than any other spell in the final fight. One source can be Gale, but also Astarion in case you have him skilled as arcane trickster – if you don’t consider a reskill for this final fight.

  • Ranged Weapons an all eligible characters no matter how bad they are with them.

Reasons: Not to spoiler the next part of this guide but the hag will duplicate into halluzinations / copies which require to take dmg in order to disappear – they also deal significant amount of damage so you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Magic Missile has a huge range and does not need any line of sight – it can target up to 3 targets at this point – so that in addition with 1-2 range attacks or just 2 times magic missle will solve any situation with duplicates/hallus.

Sorching Ray (fire Spell) also works good and should be at hand.

  • Ice Knife (Spell) or Ice Arrow (Ranged Attack Item) because you need to deny a burning fire ONCE.

Nice to Have; Hase; Misty Step, Potion of Speed

The final fight takes place in difficult terrain with a runaround and a deep hole in the middle. so long ways will extend the fight unless you have misty step on one of your meele characters and also potions of speed available. Once you get close to the hag, your live will be easier, so make sure to get there quickly. – It is however not essential as magic missile.

Getting Through the Traps

So once you prepared your party and had a final long rest – you will be back in the big room where the fight took place and jump through a water fall.

What awaits next is a seemingly endless path of poison traps.

If you take a close look and i suggest you watch the video you only have to disarm 3-4 traps jump your way through and make 1 quick run through a poison cloud.

Do not worry you might only take 5-13 dmg in total, which you can easily heal away before the final fight begings by enjoying a short-quick-rest.

The Final Fight Against The Hag

After engaging and the cutscene, the hag will produce several “copies/hallucinations” of herself and to bring a bit more of tension to the table she will set the cage with the girl in it on fire.

  • 1) Make sure to engage on both flanks, since you will have issues reaching her otherwise. Speed Potions / Haste and Misty Step will be very useful but not essentially needed.
  • 2) The cage will have 5 turns of burning which will result in the girl falling into the pit and die if you don’t do anything immediatly (the cage usually has 35 hitpoints and you need some of those to get rid of the fire)

Use the Ice-Bolt/Arrow or any ice/water related spell to get rid of the fire. In the bast case an arrow which cannot cause the cage to break. Once hit with ice, the fire will disappear. First problem solved.

  • 3) The copies/hallucinations need a single hit or single dmg point taken in order to disappear.

Your best tool to handle this situation is multi target dmg such as magic missle which is certanly the best for this, since it does not require line of sight and has an incredible max-range.

  • 4) On some point she will teleport the girl down and make her own apperance the same, also here to not kill the girl accidently you can use another load of magic missle, because it has low dmg potential.
  • 5) She will duplicate once more, make sure to have another shot of magic missles or similar multi target spells available.
  • 6) Once you are in close combat or close quarters she will be done fairly quickly.
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