Baldur’s Gate 3 – The Battle Master’s Compendium: A Tiered Guide to Tactical Dominance

Ah, dear adventurer, thou art delving deep into the arts of the Battle Master! Herein is a tier list.

Tactical Dominance Tier List

S Tier (Mastery of Battle)

  • Riposte: An opportunity to strike back with force after a successful defense? This maneuver is a jewel in the crown of the Battle Master, rewarding quick reflexes with immediate retribution.
  • Feinting Attack: To deceive one’s foe and strike with both power and precision is a testament to the martial prowess, ensuring that the blade finds its mark.
  • Precision Attack: The ability to turn a potential miss into a hit can tip the balance of many encounters, making this maneuver invaluable in tight situations.

A Tier (Expert Maneuvers)

  • Commander’s Strike: Directing an ally to unleash their strength can result in potent combos, especially with high-damage allies.
  • Distracting Strike: Giving allies a better chance to hit is always a boon, making this maneuver a strategic asset.
  • Maneuvering Attack: Mobility on the battlefield can be a lifesaver, and this maneuver allows for strategic repositioning without risk.

B Tier (Reliable Choices)

  • Disarming Strike: Removing a foe’s weapon can drastically reduce their threat level.
  • Goading Attack: Drawing attention to oneself can protect weaker members of the party.
  • Menacing Attack: Instilling fear can control the battlefield by reducing a threat’s options.
  • Pushing Attack & Trip Attack: Both maneuvers control enemy positioning and can be crucial in certain terrains or when combined with other tactical abilities.

C Tier (Situational But Potent)

  • Evasive Footwork: Useful in specific scenarios when surrounded or when trying to reach a strategic position.
  • Rally: Temporary hit points are always beneficial, though often there are other, more direct ways to protect allies.
  • Sweeping Attack: Its effectiveness hinges on enemy positioning, but when stars align, it shines brilliantly.


Remember that while some maneuvers might shine in one encounter, others could prove pivotal in another. It’s the Battle Master’s adaptability and tactical acumen that make them formidable.

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