Bloons TD 6 – All For One and One For One Achievement Guide

No micro, 3 buys, AFK achievement guide for one of the best achievements to get (free talent point upon completion).

How to Obtain All For One and One For One Achievement

Achievement Walkthrough

Start Logs Map on Hard Difficulty (Sandbox screenshots taken so you know where to place towers).

Rounds 1-62: Bottom left of Centre Pool, place a Monkey Buccaneer (0,5,2)

Build Order: 0,0,1 – 0,1,1 – 0,2,1 – 0,2,2 – 0,5,2

Before round 63 starts: Sell Monkey Buccaneer

Place a 0,2,5 Wizard Monkey at the Bottom Right of the Dirt Tile to the left of the Centre Pool.

Before round 80 starts: Sell Wizard

Place a 0,5,2 Monkey Buccaneer in the centre pool and use the ability to pop the ZOMG.


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