Kenshi – Beginners Tips

Newcomers Tips

It’s worth noting that stealing basically breaks the game (in terms of balance, I mean… not that it’ll crash or whatever).

It’s quite easy to level up your stealth/thievery skills, and this is an easy path to making money basically meaningless. Adding assassination (to knock people out) brings it to another level.

Depending on how easy/hard of a playthrough you feel like having, and how you feel about exploiting the game’s mechanics, this is worth knowing, either to focus on or stay away from, depending on what you want.

You could always try to “steal just a little bit”, but watch out, it’s a slippery slope, and once you start, it can be hard to stop.

Situational awareness is key to survival, do not move around environments with the game speed x2 or more, at least until you know the game and char can outrun when required and is somewhat buff to handle eventual surprises.

Created by Elegant Caveman

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