Chants of Sennaar – The Abbey Puzzles (Hints & Solutions)

The Abbey


From the first pannel you should now know which position refers to which symbol.


Levers with a Friend

Simply go forward and figure out which symbol is about you and which symbol is about your new friend.

Enter the Abbey

A new friend appears in the south east of the area.

What does he want you to do?

Follow him. Keep on following and looking for him until “puzzle” is solved.


Abbey Door Puzzle

What is the hierarchy in this world?


Trolleys Puzzle and Coin for the Beggar

The key trolley is here, if you manage to move it it’s a win:

You can aim for this layout:

Find the Right Pot

Where to Use the Key?

There is a door at the right of the garden.

Where to Use the Lens?

Does this shape look familiar?

It’s the key to the mini puzzles in the abbey.

Simply put the lens in the shape and it gives you the symbol to choose.

God is Watching

In which position should be those statues?

You got a big clue from the abbey:


Created by Morrigh4n

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