Chants of Sennaar – The Frontier Puzzles (Hints & Solutions)

The Frontier

Where to Start?

There is a hole at the right of the entrance:

Build a Bridge

You need a tool. There is a spear in the previous room:

Pass the Guards

Here I won’t explain how to precisely move in each room as it’s linked to timing and a bit of skill. Just try some steps and from trial and error you should reach your goals.

In this area:

You need to get this box in order to make a bigger wall to hide in the elevator platform:


The right disguise is sword / long helmet / armbands.

From there you can move much more easily in the fortress, congrats!

The Observatory

Memorize the shape here:

Follow the Orders

As the title say in this area simply follow the orders:

Where is the Light?

In the left of the room you should be able to pick up the lignt to use it downstairs:

This pillar can rotate:

And this is your goal position:

Treasure Room

Which object to choose? Remember the shape of the lens in the observatory?

You must pick the lens in the 2nd lign / 2nd column:

You know where to use it.

Need a Drink

Where can you find a bottle? You should go back to this place to find it:

It doesn’t do anything? Try to leave and come back.

The Bells

What is this book about? Which song to pick?

This fortress is all about the chosen.

The right tune is the fourth.

Solution: balance, instrument, key, vessel, key.

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