Chants of Sennaar – The Galleries Puzzles (Hints & Solutions)

The Galleries

The Monster

  • The monster seems to dislike light.
  • Use the levers in the level to bring some light.

Elevator Machine

What are theses stickers for?

Here is the right order:

The Restaurant

At what time do we eat?

There is a clock on the left look at it closely.

You have to wait for the clock to be on a fork symbol and follow the scientists inside:

Inside you’ll find silver cutlery.

Access to the Mines

You can jump in the trolley right after activating it:

There you’ll be able to use this machine to melt the cutlery:

Here is how it works:

Yeah you get silver!

You can also get gold from a room nearby:

In the locker you find punched cards.

Where can you use these “access” cards?

It can be used in the terminals next to doors, with a red light above and a card slot.


After using your punched cards you save a scientist, there you can find a lighter:

Did you notice a candle before? You can use the lighter here:

Door Code

The code can be found in the library:

It’s cystercian system and here is the answer:

Forge the Key

Behind the door code you find a “solution”:

Zoomed version:

As mentionned before this area use cystercian system for numbers, so the number at the top left is the thousands digit, the top right is the hundreds digit, the bottom left is the tens digit and the bottom right is the ones digit, leading to this:

You now need to go to the forge room and adjust the weights accordingly to these values, here are the 3 answers:

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