Core Keeper – Hive Mother Arena Set Up (No Wall Needed / Hardcore 0 Hit)

Struggling to kill Hive Mother (Hardcore) after dev patched the wall cheese?

How to Kill Hive Mother

If you play on Hardcore mode, these spike traps won’t kill grubs fast enough and you will be swarmed by them. They have roughly 600+ HP in HC.

What do you need?

  • Shovel
  • Range Weapon

Yes, that’s all you need. See the picture, dig the ground to create trenches where grubs can’t cross over. As long as you stand far enough boss body becomes half visible on your screen, it will not spit at you. Shoot it down with arrow and that’s it.



  • Musket
  • Iron Bow
  • Slingshot


If you play Hardcore, the spit 1 shot you anyway with Bronze gears.


  • Shovel

Note: To break hive wall, get Iron Shovel+Enchant, pair with either Ring of Stone or Ring of Dirt.

How to Set It Up

Use shovel to dig a line of trench to block out the path.

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