Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 5 Tips to Improve Your Gameplay

5 CS:GO Tips

1) Aim Using Muscle Memory

Learn how best to use the gun you’re shooting with. Spray patterns, rates of fire, and damage; all of this information will help you to defeat your enemies in a duel. It’s better to make one accurate shot than to spray the whole clip and kill no one.

2) Learn All Points Of The Maps

Before you start playing on any map, it is necessary to thoroughly study it. Understanding the maps in CSGO distinguishes a professional player from a beginner. Professionals know where their enemy can appear and know how to move around in any situation. Knowing the maps will also boost your efficiency and speed while communicating with your teammates.

3) Don’T Dive Without A Flashbang

Entering any new position is always dangerous. Players on the plant have an advantage in positioning and readiness to meet attackers.

4) Sound Is Important

Listening to in-game sounds is very important for your success in CSGO. In the game, you can fully navigate by sounds and in doing so better understand the movements of your opponents

5) Pay Attention To The Economy

Spending carelessly in CSGO may cause significant problems. Some people buy in full while their teammates have only 2,000 dollars to spare. Always count your money, your teammates’ money, and the money of your enemies.

If you win a series of five or more rounds, the opponents will have additional bonus money for each of the next rounds, even if they lose. To knock down their economy, you must give up one round and win the next one. This will break their economy for the next two or three rounds.

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