Crossfar – The Battle Core Guide

Battle-Core drones are the off-tanks in Crossfar. They pack lots of firepower and armor to carry into battle. In this guide, we go over tips on playing the Battle-core role.

Battle-Core Class Specifications

Note: Credit goes to Kavtain


  • Outstanding armor and durability.
  • Outstanding firepower on the main guns.
  • 3 main guns.
  • Hard to kill.
  • Devastatingly effective against large carriers and mothership.


  • Slow speed.
  • Low maneuverability.
  • Longer cooldowns on special abilities.

Special Abilities:

  1. Return-Fire: doubles your main gun’s fire rate for 10 seconds.
  2. Energy-Shield: deploys a shield that protects against all kinds of damage. bullets can go through from your side but will not penetrate from the enemy side. (explosive damage gets through the shield but loses its power.)

Ultimate Ability:

  • Tyusha-Rockets: fires a barrage of 10 rockets. low explosion area effect with high damage, very effective against large vessels.

Player Traits:

  • Playing Battle-Core requires patience, timing,good coordination, and resourcefulness.

Battle-Core Role Tips and Tricks

Battle-Cores are designed to be line breakers. they move slow and heavy and survive lots of hits. outgun the enemies with their extra guns. given their traits, they make the best pick for the OFF-TANK role.

Combat Tips:

Battle-Core relies on firepower and armor. what you lack in speed will not stop you from being effective. it only stops you from getting to a zone faster. so pick your next location to go to wisely and coordinate with team members for your attacks.

You are to draw and absorb fire. letting teammates survive longer whenever you can. if things get tough, you can deploy a shield that protects you from enemies on that flank every 30 seconds. and if that’s not enough you can double your fire rate with return fire ability and fight back harder every 20 seconds.

In Offensive Situations:

Your main role in any offense team fight scenario should be to draw fire for DPS players and make way. your main focus targets should be the carriers and mothership. maintaining fire on enemy players will give them a hard time intercepting your teammates.

If the enemy gate is exposed you might be too slow to go through in time, but your best move would be to deploy a shield and press on the enemy team at their gate. making it easier for faster teammates to go through.

In Defensive Situations:

In a defensive scenario, you are the defensive line. a Battle-Core’s shield indicates where you draw the line to stop enemies from progressing. if carriers and mothership are taking attack deploying your shield close to them can be a good way to buy some time for reinforcements to arrive and aid in repelling the offensive.

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