Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Khop (Bunny Hopping / Kerenznikov Hopping)

K-hopping aka Kereznikov Hopping, is a recently discovered bunny hop for Cyberpunk.

How to K-hop

Note: Credit goes to FX

Its’ very simple. You will get the hang of it within 1 or 2 minutes, to master may take 10 minutes.

  • 1) Activate Kereznikov (ADS and Dash).
  • 2) Whilst in slow motion stop ADS (Aiming down sights).
  • 3) Dash forward when in slow motion (for 1.5s you can pull 3 dashes).
  • 4) Repeat!

It’s recommended to use the common kereznikov as you only need 1.5s of slow motion and it regenerates every 5s.

How to Get Kereznikov 20% Cheaper

Go to Watson, Kabuki. You will get a mission (not sure if this is a gig or a side mission), Kill everyone and go upstairs you will see Charles, tell him you don’t believe him or why you should believe him, he’ll offer you a discount, take his offer and you’re done.

You will get a 20% discount off of a handful of Cyberwear.

See image below for visual location.

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