Cyberpunk 2077 – Gun Fu Achievement / Trophy

Where to get the Gun Fu Achievement in the free mode. There is an option to do it during a Jhonny missions but if you already completed that you can use this method.


I show you where to get the achievement Gun Fu Achievement in free mode. You can do this achievement during one of the Jhonny Silverhand missions but if you already completed the mission you can use this method anytime as the 3 enemies are very close to each other.

I recommend saving before trying to be able to load game if the achievement doesnt pop up.


The spot is located in the Watson district really close to a dataterm.

You have to go where the green icon is shown in the following screenshot.

Once you get there you will see 3 enemies together talking that will not attack you if you get close. This is the moment to save the game.

Go as close to them as you can. This is a requirement for the achievement.

Shoot and kill them as fast as you can. If the achievement doesn’t pop up, load the saved game.

I used the Overture Revolver for this achievement. Remember to use a revolver or a pistol.

Other Method

In the next video you can find how to get this achievement in the Jhonny Silverhand mission.

Created by Volgore

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