DAVE THE DIVER – 100% Achievement Guide

This is a simple guide to getting 100% of the achievements for Dave the Diver.

Warning! This will contain spoilers for some parts of the game!

Achievements List

Note: Credit goes to Albanzchu

These are all the achievements in the game in order of most to least commonly obtained:

  • Undersea Gunslinger
  • Better Equipment
  • Bancho Sushi is Back!
  • Influencer
  • Angry Shark!
  • Culinary Master
  • Saved Dave!
  • Culinary Researcher
  • New Undersea Friend
  • Scrap Metal Collector
  • Deep-Sea Diver
  • Mister Melee
  • Shop’s Lookin’ Good!
  • Undersea Civilization!
  • Predator of the Blue Hole
  • Dave the Sniper
  • A Dark and Cold Place
  • Dumplings in the Water
  • Arms Craftsman
  • Photographer
  • A Bancho Sushi Regular
  • The Seaweed is Growing!
  • Ration Eater
  • Achoo!
  • Feeble Blacksmith
  • Momo’s Secret
  • Artisan’s Flame
  • My Wonderful Rice Field!
  • Manager
  • A Peaceful Blue Hole
  • Professional Farmer
  • Creature Hunter
  • My Wonderful Field!
  • Weapons Collector
  • Cooksta Influencer
  • Sea People Historian
  • God of Lightning
  • Leadership
  • Blacksmith’s Helper
  • Catman
  • Strange Fish
  • Dev Killer
  • GYAO! Master

These achievements can be broken up into a few categories:

  • Game Progression
  • Collection
  • Upgrades
  • Secrets

Game Progression

Several Achievements will naturally occur during game progression:

Undersea Gunslinger

Early on you’ll be introduced to the gun tutorial. Complete it to get this achievement. It’s fairly simple and standard to achieve. There’s a reason this achievement is so common to get.

Bancho Sushi is Back!

Just complete a few nights of working at Bancho’s Sushi and make enough money to pay off the debt you accrue at the start of the game. If you’re playing the game as you should, this is easy enough.

New Undersea Friend

At some point early on you’ll be given the task to free a Dolphin from a net by another dolphin. Just cut it loose using your knife and you’ll finish the request easily. During the second time this occurs, the Dolphin will be captured by pirates. It’s the same situation, just try to avoid the bullets as indicated by the red lines.

Deep-Sea Diver

Another progression-related achievement, this one will require you to get the headlamp to enter the Deep-Sea. The quest to do so is picked up after Dr. Bacon asks you to follow a certain signal. You can get the headlamp by defeating the Giant Squid boss, which can be found in the shipwreck on the far left side of the map near the bottom of the accessible area.

Undersea Civilization!

Following up on the quest needed to unlock Deep-Sea Diver, Dave will encounter Sea People inside the Deep Sea, behind a path of Tubeworms that need a UV light from a nearby yellow box to get through. The steps to reach the Sea People Village from here are as follows:

  1. Make a translator. This is a fetch quest that involves grabbing a bunch of pieces from around the sea. The microphone is in the seas above and can be found with just enough swimming around. The stone slab can be found in the sea people cave visited earlier in the game on the right side of the map. Finally, the amethyst can be mined from the purple ore rocks in the Deep Sea. You’ll need a pickaxe to do so, but one is almost always nearby.
  2. Make medicine. This requires collecting certain coral and bringing them up to bancho to create medical porridge. The coral parts can be found by swimming around after passing through different tubeworm tubes found to the left of the sea people. Then talk to Bancho at the sushi restaurant to get your prize and return to the sea people.
  3. Escort the princess. You’ll need to escort your injured friend to the right spot. Make sure you’re stocked up on Oxygen Canisters and have a good weapon for this, it’ll be slow.
  4. Get the gloves and bust open the way. After the escort mission you’ll be forced to go back up to get the diving gloves. (These will also allow you to pick up urchins!) Return when you have the gloves and pull out multiple stakes to allow rocks to fall and open up the way.
  5. Boss Fight! After opening the way, you’ll have a boss fight against a giant wolf eel! Make sure you’re stocked up for this one, have a good weapon, and make use of your new gloves.

After all that, you’ll get in and get your achievement!

A Dark and Cold Place

For this one, you’ll need to earn the trust of the sea people. Complete as many quick and easy quests as you can before eventually returning to the village chief. He’ll allow you to go get the key to go into the Glacial Passage. Do note, there’s a stealth section immediately followed by a boss fight, so be prepared and make sure you have a lot of oxygen on you! After that you’re home free to get this achievement.


This goes hand in hand with A Dark and Cold Place. Once you’ve discovered the Glacial Passage and have gone through the process of getting in and through it, you’ll unlock this one too.

A Peaceful Blue Hole

Complete the game for this one! Some parts might be frustrating, but the final boss fight is well worth it! I’ll try not to spoil too much, but so long as you just beat the game and watch the epilogue you’re home free.


Some achievements you have to collect a certain number of items to complete. Some are easier than others.

Angry Shark!

This is done by obtaining your first shark! Do note, sharks are bigger and angrier than normal fish. They can take away a lot of oxygen just by touching you! Stay safe, stay at a distance, and shoot them if you have a gun with ammo. Once they’re down, just go up to them and use space to collect that meat. You have to do this twice to get it all!

Scrap Metal Collector

Wherever there is a floor to the sea, there are items that can be picked up with the space bar. Just grab as many as you can! Shells, scrap metal, wood, sea stars, rope, just grab it all! You’ll get this achievement pretty quick.

Mister Melee

Most people catch fish with the harpoon, but the knife is an option! Your best bet is to find a better weapon in one of the yellow boxes and go to bully the weak fish near the top of the sea. Hit them enough time for them to die and grab the bodies. Do this 20 times and the achievement is yours. If you just have the knife you’ll need to get in pretty close.

Predator of the Blue Hole

This is pretty simple. You should know how to catch fish, just catch a bunch of them! This achievement should come naturally as you go through the game.

Dave the Sniper

This one requires a little bit of set up. In the second layer of the sea, there are plenty of Weapons Boxes laying around. One of them may have a sniper rifle inside it! If you find one, pick it up and shoot at the closest fish you can see. The range on this weapon is insane and it can pierce, so no worries there. Just shoot enough fish and you’re in the clear. You can even bring a sniper rifle down if you’ve picked one up from boxes enough times.

Dumplings in the Water

This one is a little strange, but it requires visiting the Dumpling Shop in the sea people village many times. Keep visiting and completing quests from Mima. Eventually, once you’ve completed all her quests, she’ll open up her shop to you. These buns can be useful, so make sure to check Mima for quests every time you visit.


Once you unlock the camera from normal game progression, you’ll be able to start taking photos. Some will have quests attached to them, some won’t. The best suggestion is to check your fish cards. Fish that have a camera icon on them are Photo Spots. The card will also list out the time of day and location for each photo spot. Try using these to find all the photo spots! Remember to look around too, some photo spots only appear on certain versions of the map.

The Seaweed is Growing!

Much like Mima, this one requires multiple quests. This requires doing all the quests of the seeds shop Sea Person, on the far left side of the bottom level of the Sea People Village, and the farmer Gumo, who is between and above the blacksmith and game parlor in the Sea People Village. Complete all their quests and the farming patch will be yours! You will need to collect some seaweed for this, so be mindful of how much you use if you have it.

Feeble Blacksmith

Just like the Mima and the Seaweed Farm, this one requires doing all the quests for the blacksmith. However, you’ll also need to progress through the game more too once you’ve finished all his quests. Around the time you unlock the Hydrothermal Vents he should open up his shop. Just make sure to visit him when Dave mentions him!

Weapon Collector

This one is fairly easy to get. Every time you see a weapon box, open it up. If it’s a new weapon, pick it up! However, this achievement will be locked until the Glacial zone, so be wary of that. There are 8 weapons in total, the basic rifle, the triple shot, the sniper rifle, the tranquilizer gun, the net gun, the grenade launcher, the stickybomb launcher, and the ice gun. Most weapons can be obtained before the Deep Sea, but the grenade launcher can only be found in depths as low as the Deep Sea and the Stickybomb Launcher and the Ice Gun are common in the Glacial Area.

Sea People Historian

When going through the Glacial Passage, you’ll be prompted to take photos of many of these spots naturally. However, two of these may require backtracking to get all the murals. The first is on the left of the giant mirror at the end of the passage there. It’s possible to skip this mural by mistake. So make sure you get it! The second is in the final area that you’re chased out of at the end of the Glacial Passage. Revisit the passage after to get this mural and by extension, the achievement.

Blacksmith Helper

This one can be annoying, but just pick up items like crazy! Any item you can find on the ground, grab it without hesitation. Build up a massive stockpile throughout the game, or just when you need to for this achievement. When you have more items than you know what to do with, sell them in bulk to the blacksmith once he opens up late into the game. 200 items down the drain, but you’ve got the achievement! My suggestion is to use shells and starfish.

Strange Fish

Very late in the game, your photographer friend will contact you about FishMon, a rare type of fish he wants you to capture! These suck for one reason: You can only catch one FishMon each week. Meaning you’ll need 5 weeks to pass to get all 5. Thankfully, each FishMon tells you roughly where it’ll be and how to beat it. Additionally, a tracker starts beeping when one is near. Just, tough out through the weeks to get 5 of them.

GYAO! Master

This one also sucks for the same reason as Strange Fish. It’s super late into the game and takes a lot of time. Just occasionally pop into the minigame to make sure your little buddy isn’t dying and go about your day. Eventually your fish will be fully grown. Let it die and move onto the next one. This is just another big time sink, try not to let it get to you.


These achievements are all about buying or upgrading things.

Better Equipment

Technically required for game progression, but it goes here because it’s upgrades. Whenever you unlock the iDiver app, just upgrade any of your gear there to get this achievement.


Once Cooksta is unlocked, it’s possible to start gaining likes. Just serve people and do well at the Bancho Sushi part of the day and you’ll get enough likes fairly easily to get this one. Make sure you actually go to the app to make the upgrade to Bronze!

Culinary Master

When you have enough ingredients for a type of sushi, usually just a specific fish, you can upgrade the fish from the menu option. If you see a sushi has two green arrows next to it, it can be upgraded with Left Control. Do this 5 times to get the achievement. You’ll want to do this anyway to make more from each ingredient.

Culinary Researcher

In the research tab, you’ll occasionally get recipes you can research. Usually by upgrading your Cooksta level, but also by training employees. You’ll need Artisan’s Flames to do this, which can be earned by doing well in the Bancho’s Sushi part of each day. Just try to make sure you never run out of ingredients or have someone leave out of impatience and you’ll get plenty to make all the unlocks you need.

Shop’s Lookin’ Good!

Another easy one to get. Checking the Interior tab at Bancho’s Sushi will reveal a variety of options for the interior of your restaurant. Just buy and equip anything that costs money and the achievement is yours.

Arms Craftsman

Once you’ve unlocked upgrading guns through regular game progression, you’ll be able to upgrade any of the guns you’ve already crafted. This uses fragments you’ve picked up as well as materials on the sea floor. Make sure you’re grabbing items off the floor or smacking ore rocks! You can also dismantle weapons once you unlock this to get the necessary fragments. Make 3 upgrades across any weapons you want to unlock this achievement.

A Bancho Sushi Regular

This is very similar to the Influencer achievement, however it requires a bit more. You’ll need a lot of likes, but also a high enough taste rating on one of your dishes! Make sure you’re unlocking a lot of good dishes and enhancing them as much as possible to reach that goal.

Artisan’s Flame

This is the same deal as Culinary Researcher, but just more of it. You’ll just need to unlock enough Cooksta rankings as well as a lot of the farm to get enough recipes to unlock. Also make sure you’re keep playing well to have the Artisan’s Flames to get the recipes, but you’ll likely get more than enough recipes if you have beaten enough bosses by the end of the game.

My Wonderful Rice Field!

The rice field will be unlocked at some point in normal game progression. Once you unlock it and the rest of the field, you can start buying upgrades for the field. Just buy two expansions and the field hits max size, you get the achievement. You’re just gonna need a lotta dosh.


Near the end of the game after a series of long quests and Cooking Mama minigames, you’ll eventually be able to unlock the Branch restaurant. It requires besting the final of the TV challenges, just make sure you have the food for all these things. Also make sure you have some spare employees to work the restaurant.

Professional Farmer

It’s not exactly clear how to achieve this one at first, but if you have enough money it’s pretty easy. Once you unlock upgrades for the farm, you can start upgrading the watering can. Upgrading the watering can to maximum will unlock the sprinklers as an upgrade. Buying the upgrade will unlock the achievement for you.

My Wonderful Field!

The same deal as the Rice Field upgrade. Upgrade all the Vegetable Garden to maximum from the shop and it’s done. Just make sure you have enough money for it all.

Cooksta Influencer

The same as the previous two Cooksta achievements, just need a lot of likes, a very good taste rating, and enough dishes to be considered for it. It’ll be late game. Be wary when you get this upgrade, your operational costs will shoot up by at least 2000 gold each night!


This one also takes a lot of money. In the employees tab at the Sushi Bar, you can examine an employee and go to the training tab to upgrade them. Do this all the way up to level 20 and you can get the achievement.


These are the last few achievements that are either secret, not obvious, or just don’t fit anywhere else.

Saved Dave!

Just die. Run out of oxygen for the first time and get rescued, that’s how you get this achievement!

Ration Eater

This one is important because IT IS POSSIBLE TO MISS!

Around Chapter 6, there will be an infiltration mission to enter the Sea Blue secret base. Make your way though most of the secret base, but when you reach the top floor do NOT enter the building on the far left just yet. Midway between the ladder and the building, there will be a small ration on the floor you can interact with using space. Interact with it. Eat the rations. Get the achievement. Then you can move on.

Momo’s Secret

To unlock this you have to feed Momo enough times. Go to Bancho’s Sushi during the day once you’ve managed to find some grade of cat food. They can be found in the red crock pots all around the ocean. Feed him enough times to have Bancho ask you to help figure out where Momo is vanishing to at night. Complete a stealth minigame and find out his secret.

Creature Hunter

One of the secret achievements, it just requires beating every boss. Some of them are in natural game progression, but the rest will require quests. Stormy nights will allow for 2 quests in the uppermost layer of the sea, and an old woman will appear to give you the quest for the other one. Several other quests will appear in the Sea Person Village, make sure you look for the missing kids!

In short: Giant Squid, Giant Wolf Eel, Phantom Jellyfish, Helicoprion, Kronosaurus, and Yawie are all game progression related. Truck Hermit Crab, Mantis Shrimp, Great White Shark Klaus, Clione Queen, and the Goblin Shark are all quest related. All but the Goblin Shark are given to you directly.

God of Lightning

This one is difficult to get, as it requires a few prerequisites and a lot of luck. First off you’ll need to unlock the Glacial Area, as Mjolnir shows up there. Secondly, you need to have a fully upgraded knife to be able to bash through the ice.

Once you have both of these things, you need a lot of luck. Mjolnir shows up somewhere randomly that weapons can spawn inside a giant block of ice. This can happen anywhere in the Glacial Area or even in the Glacial caves as well, make sure to check there! Once you find the huge block of ice, you can break down the ice and grab the hammer with your gloves, prying it out with a short minigame. This now replaces your melee weapon. After that, just kill a random fish with Mjolnir and the achievement is yours!


After you find Momo’s Secret, you get a new cat to feed during the day at Bancho’s Sushi. Just feed the cat 20 times and the achievement is yours! You can only feed the cat once a day, so it’ll take at least 20 days of feeding to get the achievement.

Dev Killer

One of the last achievements you should get, Dev Killer is done by destroying every single Dev in the end credits minigame.

Some pieces of advice: Hold down the firing button will allow Dave to fire off multiple laser shots in a row! This is required for the achievement, as you need to be able to destroy the Devs in one burst to have enough time.

Ignore the aliens. They’re points, but only attack them if they’re in the way. Don’t go out of your way to hunt them.

Make a plan of attack. Find one place to start then go in a circle around the map. You need to not miss a single one to get the achievement.

Don’t worry if you miss this one! You actually unlock the credits as a minigame so you can try it again and again.

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