DAVE THE DIVER – GYAO! Mini-Game Guide

Compilation of information from the internet regarding the evolutions for the tamogotchi game in Dave the Diver!

Guide to GYAO! Mini-Game

How to Unlock GYAO!

GYAO! is a traditional Tamagotchi mini-game within Dave the Diver. In order to unlock the GYAO! minigame, you must complete a “Stormy Night” side quest for Sato. This is a late-game side quest in which you’ll enter a whirlpool to defeat a Mantis Shrimp boss. The Stormy Night side quest will be complete upon defeating the boss, and Gyao will be unlocked.

How to Care for GYAO!

In this mini-game, you will find several tabs at the top and bottom of the fish position. These tabs will provide instructions and guide you through the game.

  • Meals – Gyao’s hunger level is on the management screen. The amount of food portions you have given your fish will be displayed as you feed them.
  • Play – Play with Gyao to increase its level of affection. A shell game is available in which three shells will move, and you must find the pearl hidden under one of them.
  • Clean – Press the clean button if your fish’s environment is dirty with excrement on the sides.

Cleaning after the dolphin

Happy dolphin

  • Heal – On the right side of the screen, you will notice a purple skull when Gyao needs medical attention. If this skull appears, press the medicine button to cure it.

Healing the dolphin

  • Lighting – You will have to manage Gyao’s sleep during the night. To ensure a good rest, you should turn off the lights in the evening before running the restaurant.
  • Warning – Warning isn’t actually a button, it just lights up whenever your fish has an “issue”. If you overlook any of the above items, don’t worry. If your Gyao has a problem, this tab will light up.
  • Discipline – If you notice your fish making unusual sounds or movements but does not need to eat or clean itself and seems happy, you should click on the discipline tab. This will increase its training level and turn off the warning light.
  • Options – Turn notifications on and off your phone. This will give you a break when you don’t want to play the mini-game.
  • Memories – Find and remember your previous Gyaos.
  • Manage – Visualize your progress, as well as the age and current weight of your Gyao.

The only GYAO! function in the game is the “GYAO! Master” achievement for raising five of them. You also get an in-game boat skin on raising your first.

Raising Your GYAO!

How do I raise other types of GYAO!?

You need to vary the way you raise the GYAO via three mechanics: Food, Affection, and lastly Discipline.

The fish follows this life cycle:

  • roe → fry → small fish → either
  • → Docile yellow fish (high affection) or
  • → Ferocious blue fish (no affection)
  • Followed by → the final stage.

If affection/intimacy is 3~4 as small fish, it will turn into yellow fish (docile), otherwise turn into blue fish (ferocious).

This is why the first GYAO raised is typically a beluga whale (max affection and max training) or a dolphin (max affection), because it is usually customary to take full care of your pet and train if you can. If it does not have enough training but has lots of affection, it will become a dolphin.

  • There are 14 variants of GYAO that can be roughly divided into two groups: docile and ferocious.
  • Two of them evolve from already mature GYAO.
  • The places framed in red are more docile ethnic groups, while others are more ferocious.

Brief review of mechanics:

  • Feed once +1 satiation.
  • Giving snacks +1 intimacy.
  • Playing with it +2 intimacy.
  • Discipline once +2~3 blocks of training.
  • Every time you go to the next stage in the game, you will lose 1 food and intimacy.
  • (e.g. morning to afternoon, afternoon to evening, or evening to next morning).
  • If you give it an injection when you are not sick, you can deduct 1 intimacy.

Raising a Yellow ‘Docile’ Fish Possibilities

Raising a Blue ‘Fierce’ Fish Possibilities


  • Fasting, sickness, and unclear stools for a whole day if left unattended will lead to death.
  • When performing an action, you can press ESC to end the action without waiting for the animation to finish.
  • Turn off lights when it is evening so the GYAO can sleep well.
  • If you achieved the GYAO you wanted do not heal, clean up, or feed the GYAO (basically ignoring the GYAO) and let it die. When it is dead you can revive it and start the life cycle again.
  • Can only discipline/train when there is a green “!” icon,
  • It takes about an in-game week to get a fully evolved fish.
  • For the achievement “GYAO Master” you don’t actually need five different GYAO, you just need to raise fully evolved ones five times. Don’t be afraid to use the time skip mechanic to speed up the process.
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