DAVE THE DIVER – Branch Manager Tips

Tips for Branch Manager

When you assign a manager it tells you their Rank basically.

That Rank needs to be high enough to not only sell the Dishes you want the Branch to sell, but also high enough rank for the Ingredients the Dishes use. (For example even if your Humboldt Ink Pasta recipe is only Enhanced to Rank 2, Humboldt Squid requires Rank 9, so you’d someone Rank 9 as Manager to sell the Dish)

Also, keep in mind you’ll need a Manager + Servers that can: Serve Drinks, Clean Messes and Serve Cocktails.

The manager fills Dave’s role during normal operation, filling up drinks/serving Cocktails, cleaning messes, serving food AND Refilling Wasabi.

The Manager and Servers DO NOT need the Fill Wasabi trait as any Manager can refill Wasabi.

(I have not tested if having someone who has the Refill Wasabi Trait speeds it up though, but from watching my Branch during Operating hours Wasabi didn’t seem to be an issue. Having no one who can serve drinks and Cocktails IS an issue though. As you’ll lose customers if someone orders a Cocktail and no one can serve Cocktails.)

Far as the best things to sell, you can still sell your most expensive dishes, they’ll only ever serve 3 Dishes at a time, if set to “Operation Policy: $ Price” they’ll make sure to sell the recipes and not just the Sushi if they have enough ingredients and the Manager has enough Rank to sell it.

The Branch also seems to be really good at not wasting Ingredients, never making too much. If no one even orders a certain menu item, those ingredients aren’t wasted at all.

Also, unlike the original Bancho restaurant, it seems there’s RNG involved in how many Customers can show up to your branch. It’s not a static number. (Reloaded a save to test, once 25 customers showed up, next time 22 showed up. Didn’t miss any customers either time)

As for my personal choice of Staff, I use Drae for Manager, Cohh & Raptor are good choices too. My normal servers are Raptor + El Nino, Branch Servers are Itsuki + Billy, Normal Chefs are Maki + Yone, Branch chefs are Charlie and James.

Stats can apparently randomize each run so who is best at each thing can change, but Traits always remain the same. (Easiest way to see whose best is check how much each person will gain on the Stat you want them to use when leveling them, for example my Charlie gained 45 cooking every level up. Which was only matched by Maki)

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