DAVE THE DIVER – Useful Tips and Tricks

Important Tips

This is not a guide to make you minmax, but simply to prod towards certain advantages that are not readily apperent but will most certainly help your gameplay.

  1. The Toy Hammer might seem like a joke weapon, but it is absolutely the best weapon in the early game for easy 3 star fish catches, it has no ammo and only its melee range diminishes its usefulness compared to the tranq gun. Its especially useful against static or slow moving creatures like jellyfish, its recommened to farm jellyfish in the early game with this weapon to preparer for the first targeted sale event, tho it can also be very efficently used against predator fish that wont run away from your melee strikes, however be aware that if the first hit causes the fish to sleep, the next will wake it up, soo be careful with your strikes to avoid taking unnessecry damage, which you will most likely take unless your very careful with your strikes.

Overall its by far the most usefull melee weapon in the game ive found so far, atleast in terms of catching fish.

  1. Focus on upgrading your carry capacity, and do not focus on the harpoon damage as it is by far the least useful. Being able to carry more will increase your overall gains each run, so it is by far the most important upgrade, however the diving suit is right behind as it allows you to get easier access to better fish, however these all weight far more than early game fish so again, focus on carry capacity before all else.
  2. The harpoon upgrade might seem nice on paper, and it is, but other weapons you find are far better for most purposes you would use your harpoon, think of your harpoon as your backup weapon, like the crowbar in half life 2, it makes your life easier sure, but the world is littered with weapons far more efficent at doing what you want, its only upside is its ability to be used without an ammo count, view it as your backup tool when your out of other options and upgrade it accordinlgy.
  3. Fish farms makes your life far easier, don’t focus on catching too many of the small surface fish, the fish farm you will unlock later in the game will let you have more of them than you could ever wish for, instead attempt to focus on the more expensive fish types you can find in any stage of your gameplay, as an example, in the very early game the predator fish along with the pufferfish are the best targets for maximum profitt, that said its not so important that you have to focus these fish, bujt if you want the best profitt possible or simply dont want yo waste your time, spend more time targeting the big expensive fish rather than the odd cardinal or clownfish.
  4. Focus on your quests. The game does not do a good job of forewarning you of the immense importance of doing the main quests as soon as possible, whenever you go for a dive, do any objectives for the quests that you can during each single dive, the quests unclocks IMPORTANT game features that makes your life both easier and provide things that you will need at later days, if you don’t focus these quests you will end up not having the aviable features to do later events, thus sending you down a spira of despair.(Once you have unlocked the vegetable farm, you can relax on the quests)
  5. Don¨’t sell fish parts. If you get extra parts from caught fish, don’t sell them even if you find no use for them, as the game progresses you will need these to upgrade your weapons, once you have done so, feel free to use them as extra cashflow.
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