Destiny 2 – Blink Guide

Ever wondered what blink is? Or maybe you used it once or twice and had no idea how to use it or why it even exists? Well, if you want to learn how it works because you want to start using it, look no further, because in this short guide I will tell you all you need to know about the blink movement.


Blink is an unique movement ability limited to voidwalker Warlocks, and are a great way of literally skipping lanes in pvp since it lets you teleport from one point to another. There are some drawbacks to Blink, however.

  • During the blink animation, your radar will be disabled and your guns have to be readied after the animation finishes.
  • After using blink quickly twice in a row, there is a short cooldown before you can use it again.
  • Due to the way it works, you can get killed during your blink animation if an enemy shoots at your inital position.

The exotic Astrocyte Verse is a helmet that improves the following parts of blink, and is highly recommended if you plan to use blink:

  • You don’t lose your radar upon activation.
  • Your blinks cover a longer distance.
  • Not only does this helmet allow you to blink more frequently, it also lets you blink a second time before the cooldown of your inital blink ends.

Overall, while blink is strong, many players prefer regular glides because blink either confuses them or they can’t be bothered to learn it. However, it has a lot of movement potential, for example when paired with the middle tree Nova Warp, you can combine the blink from the super with your blink teleport, and get really, really fast, if you time your blinks right. Furthermore, the Handheld Supernova works as soon as the blink animation ends, unlike your normal class abilites.

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