ELDEN RING – How to Defeat Tutorial Boss (Grafted Scion)

Guide with tips and tricks on how to defeat this INCREDIBLY challenging and obligatory first tough enemy that From Software puts in their games. Breakdown of his movesets and best tactics with a Vagabond aka The Knight.

Grafted Scion

I know defeating him as Samurai is easier, due to bow and bleed on katana, but I just replayed Sekiro so I’m good on katanas.

You can two-hand by holding the Y/Triangle button and pressing R1/RB.

You’ll probably have to restart a lot, but this is doable, if extremely hard, probably the single hardest ‘First Tough Enemy you’re not supposed to defeat in From Software games.

He has incredible amount of moves, a lot of HP, can 3-shot you most of the time, and you have no healing and most likely don’t know how to two-hand at this point unless you looked it up like I did. It’s important to not let him come near you, his quick jabs are super hard to dodge.

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