ELDEN RING – Royal Revenant Boss Guide

This guide will walk you through the best strategy for one of the more difficult bosses in the game.

Royal Revenant Boss Guide

Preparation – Outside the Boss Arena

The Royal Revenant can be found in the Kingsrealm Ruins, down the usual stairs descending into the underground portion that all ruins in the game have.

This part is critical, it will save you a lot of time and effort for this boss

Before you enter, when facing the stairs that lead down to the fog wall, turn and face north. Now, walk forward until you encounter the last wall in the ruins, in the middle of it is an illusory wall, which leads to a bonfire. This will help later.

Now, continue north, up the road. Be careful of the sorceries that periodically rain down. It’s best to follow close to the road but not actually on it, so you don’t get hit by the magic. After a short while, you will reach a large castle gate with another bonfire. This is Caria Manor.

Proceed forward into the castle, and eventually you will fight Royal Knight Loretta, a much better boss than the revenant. Make sure to never return to Kingsrealm Ruins. After you have done this, head any direction you like and proceed to enjoy everything else the game has to offer. Have fun!

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