Far Cry 6 – How to Unlock Boom Boom

The Amigo Boom Boom, a returning animal companion from Far Cry 5 who returns under a new name and is unlocked in the Valle de Oro region of Yara, is detailed on this page of the Far Cry 6 guide.

How to Get Boom Boom

Boom Boom can only be unlocked as an animal companion by completing a Side Quest after completing the “Meet Maximas Matanzas” Operation in Valle de Oro. A note left in the local Guerilla Base, like with Chorizo and Chicharron, gives a hint as to where to begin.

To unlock Boom Boom, you only need to complete one Mission.

Everything you Need to Know About Boom Boom

Here’s everything you need to know about using Boom Boom in Far Cry 6 effectively:

  • Boom Boom is a Stealth Amigo, but his skills and abilities allow him to serve more as a scout.
  • His main skill is retrieving resources from slain enemies’ bodies.
  • Boom Boom’s size, unlike Chorizo’s, allows him to make rudimentary attacks on enemies; however, this should not be relied on to kill enemies; instead, it is preferable to get enemies to stop attacking you, leaving them wide open.

After reaching certain milestones, Boom Boom can be upgraded with three Amigo Abilities:

  • Pointer – Boom Boom can use his pointer to mark the locations of enemy troops and animals. After gathering resources from 10 dead bodies, the game is unlocked.
  • Expert Tracker – Boom Boom is an expert tracker who can track enemies and animals from afar. After tagging 24 enemies, the achievement is unlocked.
  • Thick Coat – Boom Boom can take more damage with a thick coat. After tagging 50 enemies, the achievement is unlocked.
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