Geometry Dash – Vault Codes (Vault of Secrets / Chamber of Time)

This is the complete list of Geometry Dash Vault Codes to access usefull goodies / stuff in The Vault, the Vault of Secrets, and the Chamber of Time!

How to Unlock Vaults?

The Vault

  • Menu > Click the Gear button > If the lock is grey collect 10 User Coins (see tips below, in the collectibles section), when the lock turns yellow you can enter the vault.

Vault of Secrets

  • Online selection screen > If the lock is grey collect 50 Diamonds (completing quests, daily level, saily chests, featured levels – see tips below, in the collectibles section).

Chamber of Time

  • Complete the Challenge in the Vault of Secrets and open the Door > Click on the Orange Lock to receive a hint from ??? > Go to the list of Main Levels > Coming Soon Page > Click on Info.
  • Click on the ground, a door will appear and you will talk with the gatekeeper > Buy the Master Emblem from the Secret Shop (costs 1000 Mana Orbs).
  • Go back to the Coming Soon page > Click on the Door > Enter the Chamber of Time and find the Orange Key in the chest.

All Geometry Dash Vault Codes

Geometry Dash: The Vault Codes

All working codes for The Vault are listed below:

  • Lenny – Unlock the Lenny Icon.
  • Blockbite – Unlock an UFO.
  • Spooky – Unlock the Shy Guy Icon.
  • Neverending – Unlock an UFO.
  • Mule – Unlock a Ship.
  • Ahead – Unlock a spaceship looking Wave.
  • Gandalfpotter – Unlock the Triangle Trail.
  • Sparky – Unlock the Secret Coin.
  • Robotop – Unlock a Robot.
  • [Your Username] – Unlock an Eye Icon (enter without brackets).
  • 8-16-30-32-46-84 * – Unlock the Illuminati Wave.

Solution for *

  • Enter consecutively! Type 8 > Click the Vault Keepers head > Type 16 > Click the Vault Keepers head … Type 84 > Click the Vault Keepers head > Enjoy!

Geometry Dash: Vault of Secrets Codes

All working codes for the Vault of Secrets are listed below:

  • Octocube – Unlock the Octopus-shaped Icon.
  • Brainpower – Unlock the Brain-like Shape Icon.
  • Seven – Unlock the Finn (Adventure Time) Icon.
  • Thechickenisonfire – Unlock a Bog-water Green Color.
  • Gimmiethecolor – Unlock the Dark Red Color.
  • [Amount of Your Stars] – Unlock a Secret Icon (enter without brackets).
  • Cod3breaker * – Unlock a Skull Icon.
  • Glubfub ** – Unlock the Secret Coin.

Solution for *

  1. Type cod3breaker and remember the six numbers.
  2. If the numbers are: 1, 7, 12, 16, 19, 22.
  3. Make the following calculation: 7-1=6, 12-7=5, 16-12=4, 19-16=3, 22-19=3
  4. So the solution is: 65433

Note: This unofficially supported program may be used to help.

Solution for **

  1. Talk to the Vault Keeper (2.1) until he mentions Sparky
  2. Talk to the Vault Keeper (2.0) until he mentions Glubfub
  3. Let him finish his green dialouge and you can go to the previous Vault (2.1) and type Glubfub

Geometry Dash: Chamber of Time Codes

All working codes for the Chamber of Time are listed below:

  • Volcano – Unlock the Wave.
  • River – Unlock the Dark Green Color.
  • Silence – Unlock the Alternative Default Icon.
  • Darkness – Unlock the Face Icon.
  • Hunger – Unlock the Hungry Icon.

New Vault 2.2 Codes!

Following the 2.2 patch, a total of 5 new codes were introduced to the game. There are now two codes for the Chamber of Time, two codes for the Vault of Secrets, and one code for The Vault.

  • THECHICKENISREADY – Vault of Secrets.
  • d4sHg30mE7ry – Vault of Secrets.
  • back on track – Chamber of Time.
  • finalboss – The Vault.
  • givemehelper – Chamber of Time.

How to activate:

  • Vault of Secrets: Online > Padlock top right corner.
  • Chamber of Time: Offline > Last segment > Open door on middle of the screen.
  • The Vault: Configurations > Padlock on top right corner.

How to Farm Collectibles / Currency

User Coins

Want to open The Vault? Here are a few simple stages where you can quickly earn User Coins!

Easy Levels:

  • Level: Retray by DiMaViKuLov26 (ID: 6508283)
  • Level: ThE WorLd by x8Px (ID: 11630859)
  • Level: Sonar by JerkRaT (ID: 4454123)
  • Level: IZnite by IZHAR (ID: 32400752)
  • Level: Warmth by KFAOpticar (ID: 23356701)
  • Level: SUNSET BY SEM 1 (ID: 11945914)
  • Level: feather BY lilbin (ID: 14074637)
  • Level: Monody by Lebi06 (ID: 66152948)
  • Level: Felicity by Fletzer (ID: 67463002)

Normal Levels:

  • Level: Highscore by danolex (ID: 26248615)
  • Level: Yunique by YunHaSeu14 (ID: 26713119)
  • Level: glitterX by legitshot (ID: 16223313)
  • Level: Hollow by Pauze (ID: 26662579)
  • Level: Lullaby Garden by JefryKawaii (ID: 26181708)
  • Level: Process by Sharks (ID: 32122593)
  • Level: reveur by f3lixram (ID: 13369938)
  • Level: This Beautiful World by Amori (ID: 28902117)
  • Level: Note Streak by Tec (ID: 13480854)
  • Level: Rebirth Madness by IJBSI (ID: 28044026)
  • Level: Glitter by Vrymer (ID: 32469248)

Hard Levels:

  • Level: Cant Dream by Vadi (ID: 62360776)
  • Level: permanent by MinYong05 (ID: 76082662)
  • Level: perception by Darwin (ID: 32569165)
  • Level: ManaoS by Belastet (ID: 78260968)


You can get Diamonds by:

  • Completing the Daily Quests.
  • Opening the Daily Chests.
  • Opening the Treasure Room’s chests.
  • Opening the Weekly Demon’s chests.
  • Playing levels from Gauntlets.

You can also get Diamonds by making success in addition to finishing the weekly demon or daily level, tiered in accordance with difficulty as follows:

Difficulty% per DiamondTotal

Mana Orbs

You can get Mana Orbs by:

  • Watching ads from the shop.
  • Completing the Bonus Gauntlet.
  • Opening the Daily Chests.
  • Opening the Treasure Room’s chests.
  • Opening the Weekly Demon’s chests.
  • Having 100 of each of the corresponding shards when completing the Fire, Ice, Poison, Shadow, or Lava Gauntlets.

You can also get Mana Orbs by making progress on levels that were given a star rating with a difficulty greater than Auto, scaled as follows for each degree of difficulty:

DifficultyOrbs per %Orbs on CompletionTotal


How to use vaults codes in Geometry Dash?

In Geometry Dash, there are three vaults: The Chamber of Time, The Vault, and The Vault of Secrets. You can’t redeem any codes until you’ve unlocked each vault. See above…

Responses to correct codes

A particular answer will be returned if the code entered is correct. The answers will not be given back after that.

  • My level? You want to try it!? (the challenge)
  • Ugh… Slippery (octocube)
  • I should have been a doctor… (seven)
  • O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo! (brainpower)
  • Indeed it is… Or zZzZzZ.. (thechickenisonfire)
  • How many colors do you need? (gimmiethecolor)
  • I wish I had that many shinies… ([amount of stars])
  • Impressive… ([The code to cod3breaker])
  • NOOOO!! THIEF! THIEF! (glubfub)
  • Good times (d4shg30me7ry)
  • You overcooked it again! (thechickenisready)

Responses to incorrect codes

Any of these responses will be given if the code entered is wrong.

  • You’re hopeless…
  • Really, still here?
  • What kind of name is [PlayerName] anyway?
  • No, just no
  • Swing and a miss!
  • I told you, it won’t work…
  • Door is now open. Oh wait, no it’s not.
  • Is that actually your guess?
  • Go home [PlayerName].
  • Nope
  • Give up, please
  • Door is still locked
  • That tickles!
  • Try harder please
  • Don’t make me angry
  • You won’t like me when im angry…
  • Oh no, you just unlocked… NOTHING
  • Only 3 attempts left!
  • Only 2 attempts left!
  • Just kidding, unlimited attempts
  • Maybe you should do something else?
  • This is getting ridiculus… [sic]
  • Go collect some stars
  • How about no?
  • [PlayerName], please give up…
  • Error, error. Bad answers.
  • Failure
  • May I suggest thinking?

Special codes

It is possible to insert special codes that yield certain results.

  • ‘kappa’: “There is no Kappa icon…”
  • ‘unicorn’: “Why do they have a horn?”
  • ‘rubrubpowah123’: “Ultimate Haxxor mode enabled. Not…”
  • ‘battop’: “He could be watching us right now…”
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  1. guess who’s going to get their custom level on the demonlist? this guy! been working on verifying it for two weeks and just finally did it! It’s called Deathstroke, but won’t be uploaded until Halloween! reason why? seem’s like a good date to release a level verified by a person who beat Slaughterhouse in only 26 attempts.

  2. figuring out the cod3breaker one made me have a heart attack
    0/10 would not recommend

  3. I’ve Done Cod3breaker By Using A Piece Of Paper, Pausing The Game And Maths Skills To Get Uber Hacker!!!

    • First, type Cod3breaker in the textbox. Then write down the 6 numbers IN ORDER on a piece of paper. List the first number by A, the second number by B, third number by C, etc. Then subtract B-A, C-B, D-C, E-D, and F-E, and put those numbers in the textbox. You’re welcome!

    • u first need to go to the vault of secrets and tap on the keeper until he talks about spookys (the vault’s keeper) Then, u need to go to spookys until he talks about ‘Glubfub’ After that return to the vault os secrets and type Glubfub to get the coin. NOTE: YOU HAVE TO GET THE SECRET COIN FROM SPOOKYS FIRST****

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