Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Get Both Miao Caidie and Melody House Girls

Getting Both Miao Caidie and Melody House Girls

Yes. That’s viable.

  1. Do whatever with Miao in Lin’an. If you scare her, you get 0 toxicology but don’t learn jiuli tribe location. It doesn’t matter if you learn location or not though. You just need her to leave. You can help the poison lady in the inn, and that causes Miao to leave too.
  2. In deserted courtyard, help no one. This will review both melody house and jiuli
  3. Do the fight trick to bypass jiuli. Meet Miao and get stats. Meet sect boss and raise relationship to max.
    • (Optional) You can also save her and marry her and you get kicked out of jiuli tribe with -75 hate.
  4. Do fight trick to bypass melody house. Save them, you get -20 hate or so, but your jiuli relationship is still high so you can still go to jiuli. They will ask you to comeback in 3 days
  5. You can’t go inside the house, but they leave to the forest at night and come back in the daytime. Just gift them when they are outside.
  6. Do 3a above if not done so yet
  7. After coming back, they ask you to save Yu’Wei and and do the rest of the melody house quests. Jiuli is hostile already since you saved/married Miao already.

Note: My additional advice is to not get involve with Melody House at all until you’ve obtained everything you need from Jiuli Tribe including marrying Miao Caidie. In addition, do not accept any quest from Jiuli tribe leader at all.

If you’re going purely for the achievement/unlock, you can save scum–by which I mean, save a game right before you go for Caidie, invite her, marry her, get the achievement, then reload and go for the Melody trio. If you’re likewise shooting for the 15 marriages unlock, just make Caidie one of the ones you miss. Otherwise the advice above seems consistent with what I have seen/read.

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