Hollow Knight – Way of the Prince

How to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Grey Prince. A crushingly difficult route through the kingdom of Hallownest.

The Route

Note: Credit goes to souryobs

  1. Start new game
  2. Defeat brooding mawlek
  3. Wake up sly
  4. Get crossroads stag
  5. Defeat false knight (ignore city crest, get cash)
  6. Get spell
  7. Save zote in greenpath
  8. Defeat hornet
  9. Stag to crossroads
  10. Get mantis claw
  11. Save bretta
  12. Defeat mantis lords
  13. Save zote in deepnest
  14. Get tram pass
  15. Tram to hive
  16. Defeat hive knight
  17. Defeat hornet II (and get the king’s brand)
  18. Beat all three colosseum trials
  19. Open love tower shortcut
  20. Get king’s station stag
  21. Buy a lantern and a simple key
  22. Stag to crossroads
  23. Defeat crystal guardian
  24. Get the pale ore from hallownest’s crown
  25. Get crystal heart
  26. Get dream nail
  27. Stag to crossroads
  28. Defeat failed champion
  29. Acid skip from crossroads to fog canyon
  30. Kill monomon
  31. Acid skip to queen’s gardens
  32. Acid skip to get love key
  33. Fall into deepnest (past moss prophet)
  34. Defeat nosk (and get nosk’s pale ore)
  35. Defeat galien
  36. Kill herrah
  37. Get distant village stag
  38. Defeat the collector (and get the collector’s map)
  39. Kill lurien
  40. Defeat soul tyrant (and pick up down spell)
  41. Use simple key to enter sewers
  42. Defeat flukemarm (this is surprisingly hard)
  43. Defeat white defender (once)
  44. Save cloth in ancient basin (and get the pale ore)
  45. Defeat lost kin (and get wings)
  46. Get hidden station stag
  47. Defeat the grey prince (once)
  48. Talk to the moth
  49. Place dreamgate at hidden station
  50. Do path of pain (watch out for palace guards)
  51. Complete white palace
  52. Get shade cloak (and dreamgate back)
  53. Stag to distant village
  54. Defeat traitor lord
  55. Get Kingsoul (dreamgate back and put it on!)
  56. Get voidheart
  57. Defeat the Radiance

The Rules

No charms, no nail upgrades, no health upgrades, no soul upgrades, no spell upgrades, no howling wraiths, no nail arts, no relics, no maps, no rescuing grubs.

Play on current patch. No save/quitting to teleport back to a bench/save spot.

Exceptions: Collect the collector’s map, get the stuff from the seer, equip kingsoul/voidheart.

The Reality

This route is very, very, very hard.

No deaths is theoretically possible but I have yet to achieve it.

If you choose to attempt it: good luck.

Notable Features: All non-DLC non-ghost bosses (except Massive Moss Charger and Enraged Guardian), all three colosseum trials, Path of Pain, collecting 5/6 pale ore (not grubfather’s), collecting the collector’s map, saving Bretta and Zote, sacrificing Cloth, and achieving True Ending.

Notably Avoids: Required deaths (eg shade skips), too much dark deepnest, grimm troupe quest, nail masters, and collecting any inessential upgrades.

You will also need good familiarity with skips. Examples include: acid skips, pogoing the aspid to reach Hornet II, and pogoing the background objects to reach Lurien’s tower.

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