Starfield – Important Tips and Tricks

Some very useful things to know.

Tips and Tricks

  • Your ship has a cargo hold with about 500 pounds of free space to store items. You can access it two ways.
    • Open your inventory on the ship, and the right bottom corner you can switch to ship’s cargo.
    • There is a panel of “cargo hold” on the ships interior somewhere before the cockpit.
  • When you dock at the city, there is a Yellow Automata next to the technician. Its actually a shop, and you can sell things from your ship’s cargo, so you dont have to manually bring stuff from the ship in smaller batches… (i realized it after 15 hours)
  • There is a jetpack in the game, but why on earth they dont call it jetpack is beyond me… they called: “booster packs, such as: your constellation pack” To use them first you have to learn Boost pack trainings at the Tech skills.
    • It’s called a boost pack because you can’t just continuously activate it (i.e. you can’t just hold down Spacebar). There is a small cooldown between each burst of the pack.
  • There is “melee” in the game. Its the ALT button if you are close to an enemy.
  • You can actually Escape from a space fight, but its tricky. The game always says “u cannot fast travel during combat”. However you can WARP, and it never tells u. But you have to warp to ANOTHER star system during combat, you cannot warp to the same system’s another planet.
    • There is also a skill in the Tech category that makes it so enemies de-target you while you are boosting. Makes it even easier to escape sticky situations.
  • This is important, because the game has VERY difficult space missions and fights and you can easily screw up your save file. But you can escape, remember!
  • Vendor credits refresh in 48 hours later. I think its 48. you can sleep in any bed, or just wait it out with a button i dont remember. But you can wait.
    • There are also some vendors that only purchase certain types of items. For example, if you’ve got a vendor that has 12k credits and only buys guns, sell your guns their first rather than using up all the spare credits on other vendors that will buy any item.
  • You can add weapon crafting table and such to your ship if you buy a new habitat to your ship called “workshop”. All the ship modifications are at the technician.
  • Don’t try to dock by your first idea which is : you try to navigate as close as you can to the other ship’s docking station…. you will just crash. Press E and you get the order: “dock”. Thats it. Its not a simulator, even if you think it is.
  • After space combat DONT use O to repair your ship, That would eat up a “ship part”. Go to the port and ask the technician to repair your ship for credits. That way you saved 1-2 ship part for ongoing fights.
  • Always use your scanner (F) and look around and scan things in the world. That way your survey mater goes up in a location.
    • Scanner is also a good way to quickly highlight bodies on the ground or enemies in an area if you find that they are blending too well against the environment.
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