House Flipper – How to Spend Your Perk Points Effectively + How to Farm Them Easily

I found that on my second play through of house flipper I I had a much easier and happier time as… I knew how to properly use my perk points! (What to use them for) also in this guide I have included ways to farm perk points! So happy days and happy flipping to every recipient of this guide of mine!-and finality.

On the Subject of Cleaning

Note: Credit goes to shlntwns700

Good mop-ultra hyper mop-disposal of garbage(this mean when clearing up trash you take out massive radial areas rather than having to dispose of those oh so tedious wine bottles, cans of coke and otherwise.)-25% faster cleaning-50% faster cleaning-75% faster cleaning-see some, see most, see all dirt on the mini-map last as the perk is useless until you see all the dirt and that requires a hefty three PP’s (perk point/s). Also I can’t count the amount of time I’ve accidentally cleaned up rogue dirt on accident with my improved mop that has greater speed and range-saving incredible quantities of time and frustration and eternal, never ending torment as the search for that unaccounted for 1% continues indefinitely.

I’m afraid jobs(that involve most in particular cleaning mechanics) and houses that will almost always be slightly shabby are the only way’s to get your precious-“roll up! Roll up!Perk points available here!”

On the Subject of Painting

you won’t waste paint on an already painted wall(essential)-2 at once-3 at once(useful)-25% faster painting(its hard to always get all 4 walls at once(with the paintbrush) and thus 3 is fine and for the minute its better (after 3 walls) to get 25-50-75% extra speed)-50%faster painting-75%faster painting-4 walls-20% less paint usage-40% less paint usage.

To farm perk points buy several large pots full of paint of exactly two colours and paint a wall then switch to the other colour and paint over that stripe-repeat this for as long as you want and need to do,(or at least until you run out of cash(from buying all the large paint pots of two different colours).

As a side note don’t beat yourself up if farming perk points takes forever or if you haven’t maxed out your points by a certain time. If its any comfort I have the senior estate agent achievement (so I’ve sold 50 houses), I’ve beaten the game (I’ve bought every house in the game, renovated them and then sold them at auction for a profit) I’ve completed every mission/job for/at 100% and earned the perfectionist achievement and on the overall at the time of typing played for about 100 hours and I’ve still am a perk point away from maxing painting (the hardest and most tedious skill to max) although I’ve maxed every other skill point tree, mind.

On the Subject of Handy Maintenance

Max out fitter, then tiler then plasterer (ranked in order of importance).

To farm simply sell the radiator in your office, buy it again, mount it and sell it again repeat this for as long as you want or as long as is necessary and as long as you are able to or willing to dedicate. I will say that maxing out will not take as long as you might go on to be one to think with the handyman perk point tree. Really at the end of my days I could confidently produce the statement that on the overall, painting is the worst to full furnish(fully max out) and otherwise you have little to worry about (on the other trees).

Moving on to Demolition

Upgraded hammer-professional hammer-big professional hammer after that both triceps of steel and passionate hammer master are equally equally sufficient paths to trespass on.

I’ll be honest I enjoyed farming for My D(demolition)PP’s as all you do is build walls in the pure intent of smashing them to pieces like you might a pinata as well while you build up your D PP’s you are also subsequently increasing the number of B(building) PP’s you have in your possession and all through increasing the efficiency of which you break and build the wall that you build to break.

“We Built This City Of Random Walls!”

Yes we are onto building and yes that was a reference to we built this city on rock and roll by StarShip.

A clue in the title is yes its all a matter of building walls all around the complex your building them in and then breaking them down for D PP’s.

In terms of the order that I would advise you get them(the skills/perks in the skill/perk tree) I would say: the built wall is already painted fastest building maxed out, mason maxed out and then one man crew maxed out because you have to spend your PP’s on something even if that something is a useless cause (in my experience it more trouble than its worth(placing multiple walls at once)when you can just quickly place walls one at a time with faster building, for half the price, painted,(white) and from a one further distance away with mason, or more the mason tree, namely the mason skill/perk tree.

Lets Talk Negotiations

The quick jobs tree is a last or never resort as if you as one are a completionist/perfectionist combination like or not to dissimilar to me you 100% complete any job you start on over time.

Also the quick jobs perk works against you as once you’ve done enough to complete the job if you quit and try to go back you have to start the job over if you want that perfect 100% progress that is needed to get the achievement that I mentioned earlier in this basics guide “the perfectionist” achievement that is.

Anyway max out higher payments first then bump up the negotiation skill all the way so it is fully maxed like with the higher payments skill/perk tree option.

Its your choice if you want quote on quote receive “quicker jobs”.

In terms of getting N(negotiation) PP’s the only way to compile them is through completing jobs and selling houses.

A Final Quip

If you want easy in-game cash save up to buy the “house that is hiding something”. It has a van gogh painting in a secret room in the basement that you just need to knock down the correct and enough corresponding walls to gain access.

The VG is worth several tens of thousands of in game British pounds and it is surrounded by antique furniture which is worth a small fortune as well.

Anyway good luck, stay safe, thanks for reading and hopefully appreciating my guide and my thus words and I hope this helps and…-thus finality, conclusion.

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