Jagged Alliance 3 – Church Ambush Tips

Tips for the Battle

Use Barry, he crafts shaped charges that do more damage than regular grenades.

When they bunch up he erases them, got the achievement for killing 5 in one round with one merc that way.

Flashbangs also work surprisingly well.

Have a couple of people with medium heavy armor up in the front corners, yeet a couple of flashbangs out the windows will lock down some of the 3omes for a round.

Setup a couple of snipers or an mg behind the altar and overwatch the front door.

Focus on cleaning out one side and send out a fast flanker to hit them from the sides (Mouse MVP)

Your corner dudes will take a couple of hits. But that’s just the price for playing.

Remember that if you are stealthed before you talk to Smiley, you peeps will be stealthed when you deploy.

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