Jagged Alliance 3 – Tips for Sniper

Sniper Tips

Put Silencers On Your Snipers Asap!!!

If you are stealth/hidden, You can snipe a person in the head outside of combat and if its a one shot kill, and another target doesn’t see the body, you wont initiate combat.

Have two mercs trained on a target when sniping.

If the first sniper misses their shot, and there is not another target around to see, the enemy will go into a shocked state and combat will begin, but only with that one target, and the target will not know where you are, and will not alert the rest of the camp.

If your second sniper can kill the shocked target before the enemy get his/her turn, then combat will end and the rest of the camp will be completely unaware.

Note: I’ve cleared out entire camps of 10-12 targets without getting into combat even once. Sniping from stealth is seriously powerful.

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