Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Solve Ammo Problem

Ammo Problem Tips

I struggled with the early game, until I got my first Gewher 98. That gun is a workhorse. Put a silencer on it and you can finish some maps without initiating combat even once, just take out each enemy from a distance with a sniper.

Mouse or Fox work well for this since they get good bonuses for it. You can also spec your own merc to be a stealthy marksman as well.

Other than that, burst fire is a noob trap, especially the heavy machine gun. I have literally never used it once. Sniper rifles are much more ammo efficient and once you put a few good mods on your rifles, you can pretty reliably head shot an enemy from long distance.

My Fox has literally never missed a single headshot for opening a battle, especially using the Dragunov or M24. Just put a bipod on your rifle and go prone, the accuracy bonus is insane. I’m pretty sure you can hit 100% accuracy in this game, even though they don’t show the actual numbers.

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