Jagged Alliance 3 – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Don’t grave rob in a group! (Heavy – AP penalty).

Send one lonely dude to endure the ‘curse’ alone if you cannot help yourself! (There seems to be some variations… some Mercs don’t mind grave robbing as much while others take it very badly! Don’t risk it without previous save).

“Your spiritual / good” characters take offence. The ones that have faith perk (even hopeless shots get a little hit chance) get remorseful, good ones (not sure what determines it, but IMP one is one of them) get only guilty. Remorseful lowers morale level by 2, guilty by 1.

Enemy is stupid. Get the high ground and ring the alarm. Let them come to you.

The enemy has a number of bases from which they send out an endless number of teams that repeatedly take back anything you have captured. My tip is to try to wipe those bases (Towers?) as soon as you can. If you don’t you will be spending your entire game chasing your tail.

There is one final base in A20(?) and if you set up a fully trained militia in the nearby town they will intercept those remaining teams nicely. Once they level up to elites they can hold without loss. If you place them in the town you also get 5 faction per win which boosts the nearby mine which is serious cash eventually. Also helps get them happy @ 60 faction and allows you to deal with the beast.

Similarly if you can take the mines you wont have to deal with the courier teams constantly stealing back your sites.

Getting those sorted will take the edge off the game. I honestly found their incessant recapturing of my stuff annoying and could not keep up with all the travel and attempted militia training dealing with it all. Now I rarely hear from any mobile enemies except the one town militia and that’s auto fight stuff with no casualties now.

Unloading weapons from sector stash in any sector on the map adds ammo directly to your squad stash.

You can use sector-stash (Satellite View > Inventory) to loot bodies after battle, instead of running around. If the emptied bodies still have loot icon, toggle highlighting.

Overwatch, Basically I’m learning that setting up ambushes with everyone overwatching as many people as possible and then chucking a grenade in works pretty darn well, sometimes you can kill of 50% of the enemies in your first turn if you setup right. No doubt this will become useless advice when I get further in the game.

The “more bullets per burst” mod turns an assault rifle into a machine gun, complete with “overwatch shots till you run out of bullets” cone.

Having a melee team with stacking grits + movement bonuses is absolutely bonkers. Talking like 2-3 guys killing 2-3 guys each a turn and getting a shield that prevents them from taking any damage lol

There is a hidden half-baked autosort for the sector-stash: Unload a gun in the sector-stash to trim its gaps.

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