Jagged Alliance 3 – How Does Lockpicking Work

A detailed guide on how the lockpicking system works in the Jagged Alliance 3 game.

Lockpicking Explained

Note: Credit goes to LotR[Henchman]

Don’t know the usual number, the game has difficulty settings defined in:


(Which I think are set by the map designers)

  • None = 0
  • Easy = 30
  • Medium = 50
  • Hard = 70
  • Very Hard = 90
  • Always = 100
  • Impossible = -1*

*(Will be checked before any other check and automatically fail the check).

On top of that there’s an additional difficulty (which can be random):

additionalDifficulty = InteractionRand(20, “Lockpick”) / 2

Which, if I’m not misreading the InteracterionRand function, should add up to 10 more points, as the maximum would be 20 and we half that.

Note: Read also a helpful guide with tips for playing Jagged Alliance 3 on high difficulty, including lock picking tips!

Now the check itself first looks if the tool has a bonus for the skillcheck (it’s a negative number, as it lowers the difficulty).

  • Vickies tool = -10
  • The-Sci-Fi Crowbar = -15
  • Everything Else = 0

Then it adds the Difficulty from above (so e.g. “hard” = 70; + additional Difficulty of 10 => 80).

Now it looks if the Merc got the MrFixit Perk, which gives a whopping 15 bonus and substracts that from the difficulty.

  • Mr.Fixit = -15

Now it does the SkillCheck(unit, “Mechanical”, difficulty) – which has no roll and just looks if the Merc Skill is greater than the difficulty.

If you fail by more than 20 points then the lock will get blocked.

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  1. It’s both. You probably won’t have any success below 70. I guess it’s remotely possible, but 70 seems to be the base for skill checks.

    Even with high skill (say 90), there’s still a fail chance. I imagine a theoretical 100 could fail, but again the possibility is remote. Not much need to push a skill past 90.

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