Loop Hero – How to Defeat First Boss?

First Boss Guide


I find it’s best to go in with a high damage weapons, magic attack and some sort of damage mitigation, be that Defense, Evade or if you can manage it Vamp, once you unlock the +1 raise trait it make it less trouble to risk it, making sure you have the area around your camp setup so there isn’t any place for his buildings to spawn is also important, getting a blood grove or the upgraded version in range also helps as you only have to get him down to 15-20% health then before it finishes him off.


Rogue you want lost of trash mobs to get massed trophies, get lots of evade and once again high damage, and setup your camp, once that’s done burst him down, I find I tend to have a decent set of level 10+ gear by loop five using spiders and groves.


Necromancer I’ve only just unlocked, it seems to be one you want as many skeletons as you can get while facing as few enemies as you can, because massed trash once you get to loop 5+ tends to shred it’s way through your skeletons before you can summon them, and they don’t focus on the same target as was previously picked if they die, so you can spend a lot of time with enemies on 30%hp blitzing you or your undead if your unlocky, attack speed, number of skeletons, skeleton level and skeleton quality should be what your looking for with these from what I can tell.

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  1. Once you unlock the village and start getting talents beating him is not particularly hard. I just had the 10% chance to stun talent and about 20% evasion and beat him fairly easily on my third run.

  2. Warrior or rogue are ideal for first boss as evasion is a very effective method of dealing with his massive damage attacks. Necromancer struggles a bit as your skeletons will be mostly one-shotted by him and if he decides to start attacking you good luck staying alive.

    Also on warrior you can use the skill that grants you an HP barrier upon reaching the campfire, it does activate for the boss fight and was what allowed me to gain my first victory.

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