Lost Ark – Duping with Founder Packs (Endless)

[Exploit] Duping with Founder Packs

So the support says its tolerated to stay with the stuff you get from the duped Founderpacks & Twitch Drops?

There are people that got the Platin Pack 9+ times and have now shop currency, skins that should be unique and still are tradable for gold ingame, character slots that should cost money and premium for years…

They can also buy skins and stuff from the shop with their endless money and sell it ingame for gold – the whole economy could take a huge damage from that.

Also every person that bought founder packs got betrayed here since they told us the platin skins for example can just be bought 1 time each account for real money. Thats not the case anymore and just scam then.

This didnt get much attention yet – but it should definitly – since it will not stop here – if a bug that brings people 2000+ $ stays and is tolerated – just imagine where we are heading to in future.

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