Lost Ark – Fix Motion Sickness for Some People

This guide is for those who have been feeling some mild headache when looking at the game on default settings.

The Fix

When I started this game I didn’t think that I’d get motion sickness but after some playtime I realized that my mild headache is not normal and it’s actually the “motion sickness” that exist in the game.

Here is a guide to reduce some of that motion sickness.

  • 1) Sit Farther away from the screen. This sounds a little dumb but it does really work.
  • 2) Go to Settings –> Accessibility –> Photosensitivity Mode and make sure that it is on (checkmark).
  • 3) If those two still doesn’t fix it for you then go to Settings –> Videos –> Particle Quality –> change it to “Low”.
  • 4) If your particle still feels like a problem then it might be other effects that’s bothering you. I’d recommend turning off all “Post Processing FX Advance Settings”.
  • 5) Make sure in Settings –> Videos –> Screen Effects Settings –> Better Depth of Field is off.
  • 6) Side note HUD Side 110% is quite nice.

If all that doesn’t work.

  • 7) Turn every Screen Effects Settings to Low.

I hope this helps anyone that have been having headache from playing too much in the past week!

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