Mortal Kombat 11 – Tips to Beat Kronika

How to Beat Kronika for Beginners

Kronika deals a lot of damage, strings you into long kombos, teleports constantly and her movements are hard to read.

That’s why the best course of action is to play very defensively and only strike when she’s well within range and with her guard down.

When you strike always go for either an uppercut or a quick basic combo that has a fast startup, don’t risk trying to hit her with something fancy or long winded.

Block properly her strikes/specials alternating between standing and crouching according to her attack types, and don’t forget that you will still be taking a small amount of damage even while blocking, specially if you’re inside that sphere she generates around you.

If you can’t really make sense of the fight dynamic i recommend playing the advanced tutorials (which are the ones that actually allow you to understand the game’s mechanics and are the ones most people skip).

I highly recommend you to train a bit in the lab. And not only doing some basic combo training also enable the AI to fight against you. You can even choose what dificulty you want the bot to have for the training. So you can actually learn to adapt to diferent characters and their movesets. Yes there is sadly no Kronika but it is in general very helpful.

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