No Man’s Sky – Easy Way to Get Units and Nanites

Easy way to get units and nanites on No Man’s Sky.

Units Beginner

Note: Credit goes to Patte

Beginner way to get some units to get started with. Awakenings mission for Warp cell at abandoned building, youll see these Whispering eggs.

Whispering eggs

When breaking the egg, it drops Larval Core (69 875 Units each). Warning, breaking the egg spawns Monstrosities that will attack you.

Larval Core


You can find ancient bones from Ancient burial Sites to get some units to get started with. Ancient bones have rarities.

  • Common Bones (Blue). 50 000 – 110 000 Units
  • Uncommon Bones (Purple). 200 000 – 650 000 Units
  • Rare Bones (Yellow). 700 000 – 1 700 000 Units

You need the Analysis Visor for finding Ancient burial sites, look for yellow wifi icon.

Units with Medium Refiner

You can get millions and eventually billions units, with

Medium refiner

You can get the Medium refiner blueprint from Space Anomaly and then craft it for x100 Magnetised Ferrite and x5 Di-hydrogen Jelly.

First strategy is to Combie Oxygen (O²) With Chlorine (Cl). Combining these two resources, about quadrubles the amount of Chlorine (Cl). You can buy Oxygen (O²) From traders, space stations and trading posts, buy much as you want ( more oxygen is more units 😉 ) you will need tons of Oxygen. Only little amount of Chlorine is needed, when you’re ready with buying Oxygen, then combine O² and Cl until you run out of Oxygen, then you are ready to sell.

Full stack of Chlorine (9999) is 6 000 000+ Units.

Second method is almost like the first one, but with Cobalt. Combine Oxygen (O²) with Cobalt -> Ionised Cobalt. Then Ionised Cobalt -> 2x Cobalt.

When you have about 200 000 Cobalt (Recommended to buy ship with lot of inventory slots) Or your ship filled with Cobalts, you can sell them at Space sation, then buy all back for -80%. You can do this to every system you visit, for like 40-50 Million Units.


Easy and not Unit wasting methods to get Nanites, Killing Sentinels that guard planets and galaxies, you can find Sentinels from some planets (Look for High Sentinel Activity planets) When killing sentinels, they drop Couple of nanites each.


Completing missions from space station mission givers (100-300 Nanites) and from completing Nexus missions (150-500 Nanites) Every mission doesn’t give Nanites, only some.

These are bit slow methods though, for getting lot of Nanites. So if you have lot of Units, then use these methods instead. By Salvaging Ships, you get Starship upgrades. Upgrade class depends on Ship class. better the upgrades, more nanites. You get more than 50% Of you spent Units back from Selling ship scrap.

  • C-Class ship= C-Class upgrades -> About 50 Nanites Each
  • B-Class ship= B-Class upgrades -> About 100 Nanites Each
  • A-Class ship= A-Class upgrades -> About 150 Nanites Each
  • S-Class=S-Class upgrades -> About 200 Nanites Each

(This may be little miss-informed, i didnt do research)

You can buy Starships from Traveling traders, that land on Space stations and Trading posts.

I recommend to buy B-S Class ships, if you want to buy C-Class ships go for it, but i don’t recommend it unless you still are in early game or dont have lot of Units, because C-Class ships come almost 70% of time, so it will take lot of time and units.

You can also buy Suspicious packet (Weaponry) ( Technology) from Outlaw stations. These are openable packets that gives X-Class (Black market) Upgrade modules. You can sell them for about 60 nanites each.

Suspicious packet (Weaponry) About 130 000 Units

Suspicious packet (Technology) About 70 000 Units

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