Palworld – Sweepa and Swee Partner Skills

Sweepa and Swee Partner Skills

I just wanted to make a PSA of sorts after doing some experiments regarding the partner skills for sweepa and swee. After catching both of these guys, I was curious to see how they interacted with each other and ran a series of experiments to figure it all out.

First, there’s sweepa’s partner skill, King of Fluff, which says “Can be ridden. While fighting together, stats will increase the more swee are in your team.” Then there’s swee’s partner skill, Fluffy, which says “While in team, sweepa’s stats will be increased.” So, sweepa obviously gets more powerful for every swee in your party, but I was curious how that works. Both partner skills mention increasing sweepa’s stats, so I wondered if it was actually both partner skills that were giving sweepa more stats or just one or the other.

The first thing I did was put a sweepa in my party with a swee to determine how much of a boost one swee is. One swee gives a 12% boost to sweepa’s attack and defense stats. Then I incrementally added one more swee and checked the stat gains until I had filled my party with swees. Two swees give 24% more attack and defense, three give 36%, and four give 48%. So, the stat gain starts at 12% per swee, not diminishing.

Then I used the pal condenser on my sweepa to get King of Fluff level 2 before adding swees back into my team to see if the boost would get larger. Unfortunately, each swee still only provided a 12% boost even for a sweepa with level 2 King of Fluff. After this, I condensed a swee to get Fluffy level 2 and then put it into my party with sweepa all on its own. The boost from Fluffy increased from 12% to 13%, so only a 1% increase, which is very negligible.

After that, as one final test, I put my condensed swee into a party with an uncondensed sweepa to see if the 13% boost needed BOTH level 2 King of Fluff and level 2 Fluffy, but the boost remained at 13% even for a level 1 King of Fluff sweepa. This leads me to conclude that King of Fluff actually has no relevance when it comes to the stat gain from having swees in your party with sweepa.

TLDR: Sweepa’s King of Fluff is worthless and should only be condensed to raise sweepa’s base stats. Swee’s Fluffy gives stat boosts but only goes up by 1% per tier and is therefore not worth condensing.

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