PAYDAY 3 – How to Set a Custom FPS Limit

The in-game settings only offer a few preset limits. You can set your own limit manually with a few steps.

Guide to Custom FPS Limit

Setting Custom FPS Limit

To Start, make sure PAYDAY 3 is not running. Close it before continuing.

Find your game settings file:

  • C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\PAYDAY3\Saved\Config\WindowsClient

The file name is “GameUserSettings.ini”

  • In Windows 11, it should appear similar to this:

Open the file in a text editor:

  • For example, Right Click, Open With > Notepad.

Scroll down or use CTRL+F to find “FrameRateLimit”.

Change the number in FrameRateLimit=NUMBER to the desired frame rate.

  • In the above example, I already changed mine to =75.000000 (or 75 FPS)

[Optional] Ensure VSync is turned off (This may be done in-game, but it will save you time to just change it here, if it is not already turned off).

CTRL+S or File > Save to save the settings file.

Close the file.

Thank you!

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